Registration Notice for 2021 CPU International Students

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    大家好!首先,欢迎各位即将成为我们中国药科大学的一子!开学在即,为确保同学们平安、有序地进行注册报到,现就我校 2021级国际新生线上注册报到相关事宜告知如下:

Dear international students,

First of all, welcome you all to be a new member of China Pharmaceutical University! The new semester is about to start. In order to ensure that you register in a safe and orderly manner, we hereby inform the online registration-related matters of 2021 international students as follows:

、注册时间 Registration Date


According to the current epidemic control and prevention policy, all 2021 new students need to do the online registration between September 2-3.

二、返校时间 Date to Enter Campus


Students who are currently in China (mainland) to enter campus is postponed to after September 15. The specific arrangements will be notified later.

、线上注册安排 Arrangements on Online Registration


Students shall sign on the commitment paper to prove all the documents submitted are authentic and valid via Wen Juan Xing (问卷星) before September, 3.

Commitment Paper link:


Please download WeChat app微信), and join in the class group. The contact information is as follows.




Office Contact

Chinese Language Students

Ms. Yu


Bachelor (Chinese-taught)

Ms. Yang


Bachelor-International Economics and Trade (English-taught)

Ms. Zhang C.


Bachelor-Pharmacy (English-taught)

Mr. Shao


Bachelor-Clinical Pharmacy (English-taught)

Ms. Zhang Q.


Master &PHD

Ms. Liu


四、关于缴费 About Payment





请用申请编号(11位)、密码Jfpt1357(不要改动)登录我校网上缴费平台 ,查询待缴费用。



用微信、支付宝或中国境内银行卡付款(推荐,缴费指南  ),然后用学号、密码护照号码后六位登录学校信息门户-服务中心-办事大厅“学期注册”模块申请签证。




登录学校信息门户-服务中心-办事大厅“留学生汇款查账申请”核实 ( )


Email Contact: Ms.Fu 

Payment 1: Insurance (for students who are in China now)

Non-CSC students: Follow the WeChat public account gh_303a1fb24158 and put in your passport number (same as registration) and date of birth and complete payment.

Payment 2: Tuition and Accommodation Fee

  • Before Payment

To check the due payment items of Academic Year 2021-2022, please login the CPU Online Payment Platform  using 11-digit Application ID and password Jfpt1357 (do not change),

  • Do the Payment

Method 1: Online via WeChat, Alipay, or any Chinese UnionPay bank card (recommended, see guidance  )

Method 2: Remit to school account (must remit one academic year, remark 11-digit Application ID number)

  • After Payment

apply for Online Confirmation. Use a PC instead of phone to log in “CPU identity” and open CPU Online Service CenterAccount: Student ID, Password: last 6 digit number of your passport. (instructions:  

Deadline: including online payment and submitting remittance confirmation, students in China no later than Sep.30. Students outside China no later than Oct.30. Afterwards, student will be Automatically Withdrawn.   

五、境内新生签证 Visa Extension Process for New Students in China


For new students who are currently in China, please use a PC instead of phone to log in “CPU identity” and open CPU Online Service Center (instructions to apply for the visa extension before your current visa expires.

For new students who are currently in China and not able to log in “CPU identity” please complete the relevant payment and confirm with Students Affairs Office (Ms. Liu,, and send the passport page, visa page, and entry stamp page to the office (Ms. Zhang, to apply for visa extension before your current visa expires. All photos must be in jpg format and the size should not exceed 1.5M.

After passing the review, the visa letter and JW yellow form will be issued. The visa letter issued by the school can only be used at the Nanjing Exit-Entry Administration Bureau. Students shall check the relevant epidemic control and prevention policy and come to Nanjing to apply for visa extension in time. For special circumstances, please send a statement to Students Affairs Office (Ms. Zhang, at least one week before the expiration of the visa.


1. 南京出入境管理局地址及联系方式

Detailed address and contacts of the Nanjing visa center

2. 新生办理签证所需材料


Required documents for visa extension for new students

passport, visa extension letter issued by school, temporary residence registration form (done through wechat, guidance:, white background 2-inch photo(if you have), visa fees, JW yellow form, health certificate, admission notice.

3. 新生如何办理健康证明


How to apply for health certificate

New students can go to Jiangsu International Travel Healthcare Center for the health check and obtain the health certificate. If your health certificate is still within the validity period, you do not need to apply for it again.


Detailed address and contacts of Jiangsu International Travel Healthcare Center


Procedure of online reservation for health check

六、线上教学 Online Study


2021 new students will start online classes on September 6. The specific arrangements will be notified later.



School of international Education

August 28, 2021