1. The largest pharmaceutical university in the world in terms of student number and one of the “211 project” key universities affiliated to the Ministry of Education.

  2. China’s first independent four-year National College of Pharmacy and the first public institution for higher pharmaceutical education in China.

  3. The earliest university to admit full-time pharmacy students from overseas and the host institution of Chinese Government Scholarship students.

  4. In 2022, 6 disciplines including Pharmacology and  Toxicology, Chemistry,  Biology & Biochemistry,  Clinical Medicine, Materials Science and Agricultural Science ranked ESI global  top 1%, especially,  Pharmacology and  Toxicology ranked ESI global  top 1‰ (2.15 out of 10,000), 24th in the world and  1st in China.

  5. Strong and complete academic programs and complete scholarship system. Excellent professors and experts, advanced teaching and research facilities, and abundant opportunities for hands-on learning experience.

  6. High employment rate and outstanding reputation as an excellent pharmaceutical education provider.

  7. Located in beautiful and cozy city of Nanjing with perfect environment for healthy living and learning.