Sarah Wambui Amadi from Kenya

MSc in Clinical Pharmacy (candidate)

I am a Kenyan currently pursuing Masters of Science in Clinical pharmacy (English Media).

I am also a beneficiary of Chinese government scholarship.

CPU has an excellent learning environment with well-equipped libraries and fully advanced laboratories. Then professors and instructors are excellent educators full of knowledge, patient, and enthusiasm expressed by their many years of experience both abroad and in China.

The classes are carried out in an encouraging atmosphere. Instructors provide contents in an organized and collaborative manner which gives us (students), motivation and challenging practices so that we are able to do authentic tasks in our respective disciplines.

Am happy to be in CPU.


Carlos A. Chan Cordeiro from Portugal

MSc in Clinical Pharmacy (candidate)

International students can find their experience at CPU very interesting. There is a good academic environment for study and research, very good teachers, good resources and engaged students. Many events are regularly held in both campuses, food is good and, at the main campus, there are plenty of opportunities for sports activities.

The International Office tries to attend to our many individual needs and also organize occasional extracurricular events. We also have an international students association to support us. All this serves as support to improve our results.



BSc in Pharmacy (candidate)

It’s been such an experience, the one year and almost four months since I left Uganda to study in China, Nanjing and CPU in particular. I have been exposed and learnt a lot in this foreign country, of which including; the Chinese language program I pursued from last year (2012-2013), adding to the languages in which I can express myself, I have enjoyed interacting amongst the Chinese university students and fellow foreign students from around the world especially “Africa” and “Asia” as well making friendship with them, and not forgetting the delicious Chinese dishes which have added to my diet. Currently am doing a bachelor of Pharmacy in English which to my observation, on average has been conducted well so far. And the Chinese culture program from which I have learnt about China’s history, cultural events and festivals, tourism sites, some of which I have got a chance to visit here in Nanjing, to mention but a few.

To conclude it all, my stay in China Pharmaceutical University and China as a country has been worth a good experience.