Which banks to use

  • All UnionPay bank debit cards.  No Credit Cards, Visa/Master Cards.

  • The card must support RMB.

  • The bank card must allow online banking. If not, the card holder must take own passport/ID to the bank in person to finish the paperwork for online banking.

  • The card holder also needs to reserve a mobile phone number with the bank in order to receive SMS verification code.

  • The trading limit shall be no less than the sum of tuition and fees, or you shall contact the lobby manager to cancel the trading limit.  


Sample UnionPay Cards  

Where are These Banks?


  • You may login anywhere in the world with a computer. You will see either Chinese or English page depending on the Operational System.

  • Each student has a 10-digit student ID, used for both username and password. If you are not sure about the number, make sure to consult International Office before paying, otherwise you pay for someone else and it’s hard to get refunded!

  • Login on-campus: http://pay.cpu.edu.cn/payment

  • Login off-campus: first login https://vpn.cpu.edu.cn with 10-digit username and password, and then visit http://pay.cpu.edu.cn/payment

  • Enter student’s username and password (same) and then verification code, and click “Login.”

  • There is no need to register.

The Process

You will see a payment page upon successful login:


Select the charging item(s) that you would like to pay by clicking on the  before the item list.

The total amount of payment will be displayed in the bottom of the page in red.

Different payers may pay to the same account to complete the total payment.


Make sure you can afford the total and then click “Pay” And confirm



Default: “No”. Select “Yes” only when the sponsor requires another invoice.



Click “Next” and confirm again



For Construction Bank, select Option 1,

For Bank of China, select Option 2  

Bank of Shanghai, Option 3 

CGB, Option 4,

Bank of Beijing, Option 5

For other UnionPay banks (ICBC, etc.), Select Option 6 "Union Pay Online”



Pay as a guest and put in your bank card number

Download and install necessary UnionPay Controls to enter your PIN (6-digit bank withdrawal password).


Enter your mobile phone number that you reserved with the bank and click “Free SMS” to receive verification code.


Enter the SMS verification code to complete the form and click “activate and pay”


Back to CPU payment page and print the “successful” invoice. If you cannot print, press “PrintScreen” button and save the picture document.

The Administrator will see the payment history on his/her page.



The system is closed everyday 22:00-0:00 Beijing Time.

Several payers shall not login the same time to avoid overpay.

When system’s busy, do not click buttons repetitively to avoid overpay.

Do not quit until you print the “successful” invoice.

Install virus scan softwares and bank controls to avoid phishing websites.

If student has paid previously via telegraphic transaction, the payment amount will be re-calculated. As a result of currency fluctuation, he/she may see fractional amount instead of whole number.

For online payment failure, call 95516 (UnionPay online banking) for English service.


Directions for off-line payment: http://international.cpu.edu.cn/380/list.htm 

Sample of an off-line payment invoice: