Online Registration for Temporary Residence and Hygiene Center

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I. Accommodation Registration through Wechat

Since Sep.1, 2017, foreigners can do the accommodation registration through WeChat which will save the trouble of photocopying and going to the police every time.


1. A mobile phone or computer with access to Internet

2. Install WeChat APP

3. Take the following 4 photos and save in your mobile phone/computer:

Current ID photo in white background. (Do not take from your passport) 

Current passport personal info page.

Visa or Residence Permit page of this entry.

The page with current Entry Stamp.  

Please follow the procedures:

  1. scan the QR code and subscribe the WeChat public account of 南京公安 (Nanjing Public Security)

  1. click enter

  1. click micro-service (the second button)

  1. click immigration and then registration

  1. agree the protocol

  1. click "My Registration"

  1. click "Foreigners"

  1. fill in the information and click next

  1. fill in the information and click next

Contact in China please fill in: 张乔源

Next destinationChina Pharmaceutical University

Unit in ChinaChina Pharmaceutical University

Address in China

江苏省南京市江宁区龙眠大道639号(Jiangning Campus

江苏省南京市鼓楼区童家巷24号(XWM Campus

Room numberthe format shall be like G11-201

  1. upload the photo

12. check the information, if everything correct click submit

13. click the blue button which means confirm

  1. wait for the message from the police in wechat

  1. download the receipt and print it out.



II.Procedure of online reservation for health check


Friendly notice: ALL foreigners must apply online before going to the Hygiene Center.

1. 登录江苏国际旅行卫生保健中心官网,选择“体检预约”

Open the website and click reservation on the bottom left. The website won’t open during busy time.

2. 选择已阅读并点击“下一步”

Roll down the page and choose next.

3. 选择预约时间

Make an appointment





Complete the form by filling detailed personal info



Take a note of the appointed date and booking number.



Supplement materials: Original passport, two 2-inch ID photos. 

Health Check Time: 8-11:30 AM. Empty stomach required. 

The Health Certificate will be issued 3 workdays after the health check.