Semester Registration

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Guidance for Online Semester Registration (unified review of payment, residence, insurance and visa) of International Students




Please apply within the stipulated time limit and avoid vacations/holidays.  


This function is not a substitute to any other information system registration of CPU.  



Use a PC instead of phone. Click the link and Login CPU identity to open CPU Online Service Center.  


To see functions available to international students, either use Ctrl+F to find 国际教育学院 among the schools, or search "留学生". Then click Semester Registration among these functions.   

邮箱可修改Correct the email address if needed.  

选择护照有无变更。若有,填写最新护照号,用下拉菜单输入新护照到期日期,并上传护照页Choose if passport changed. If yes, fill the latest passport number, click the calendar icon to choose the expiration date, and upload the photo.  


Choose the type of tuition payment. If “other”, student must upload e-receipt. 

注意,在校生优先使用网上缴费平台 ,汇款须单独用网上办事大厅“留学生汇款查账申请”查询到帐,详见指南

Note: students should use CPU Online Payment Platform as first priority. If via remittance, student must apply with the Confirming Remittance Online function in advance. Click the above link for detailed guidance.  

选择你目前入境状态。如在中国境内,须输入保单号、提交保险凭据(购买成功短信截图)供学院核查。Choose your current location. If in China, put in your renewed insurance certificate number and upload the screenshot of text message/insurance certificate after successful purchase. The school will verify the validity of information.  


Choose off-campus or on-campus. Upload either valid contract under student’s own passport, or e-receipt for accommodation fee payment, accordingly.  


All students in China must upload the photo of latest visa/residence permit page, and put in the expiration date and number of residence permit.  

点选同意方可继续Read the regulations and click ”I agree” to proceed.  

提交学校确认Submit for School Review


If your application is rejected, modify the online form and/or upload files, submit again.  

境内学生在收到成功提示后去规定地点领取签证介绍信Students in China must take the letter of visa extension in the designated place and apply for visa extension in time.