If you wish to reside on campus during your stay at CPU, a limited number of furnished, air-conditioned, all-gender dormitory rooms are available. Housing condition and fee vary (see the form below). 

Please note that all dormitories are non-smoking facilities and they are not designed for catering families. If you have spouse and children, you may consider off-campus housing and make your own arrangements.

Please note the following:

Room telephones are not provided. Please bring your own mobile phone.

Campus WIFI is everywhere except student dormitories. Please purchase your own Internet access. 

Linens(blankets) are not provided. Please bring your own. 

All rooms are carpet-free for pest control purposes. The climate here is humid and suitable for pests to make themselves at home in a wool-rich carpet! 


Halls, Fees and Conditions


CPU now provides three resident halls for international students:



A8 & A7






Capacity (persons)






No balcony

Double (twin)

Semi-private balcony


Private balcony

Air conditioner




Water Heater








Single Bed + Mattress




Desk + Chair




Public Laundry




Public Kitchen








Blankets (beddings)




Fee standard before Sep. 1, 2018

5400/Semester per person for self-funded

1200/Semester per person for full-scholarship Master's and Bachelor's

0 for full-scholarship Ph.D. candidates

2700/Semester per person for self-funded

0 for full-scholarship

Single room: 5400/Semester per person (1200/Semester per person for full-scholarship Master's and Bachelor's)

Double room: 2700/Semester per person (0 for full-scholarship)

Free electricity

2850kwh/Year per room

2850kwh/year per room



First-year Guarantee: The university must ensure that there are enough rooms available for all first-year students. Student who don't meet the graduation requirement in the end of program are not considered for on-campus housing placement. 

Single-room Guarantee: Although CSC Administration Manual (2016) requires all CSC-funded students be placed in double room, currently CPU provides CSC-funded Ph.D. candidate single room free of charge.  Student's legal spouse, if extra room is needed, shall pay for his/her own expense. 

Priority: When CSC-funded Ph.D. candidates are adequately placed, a limited number of single rooms are open for application to self-funded students on a first-come, first-serve basis. Self-funded student can select single or double room on the day of university registration. However, for those who register late, housing cannot guarantee to meet everyone's specific requests. You should be prepared to accept any available space in any building. 

When CSC-funded Ph.D. candidates and all first-year self-funded students are placed, a limited number of single rooms are open for application for CSC-funded Master's students. 

In very few cases are CSC-funded Bachelor's student considered for single occupancy, such as quanrantine of infectious diseases or disability. 

Students with medical conditions that may cause sudden death such as epilepsy, asthma, food allergies, cardiovascular diseases, obstructive sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome, etc. shall not apply for single room. A timely help from roommate may save your life.  If you insist to apply for single room, you must sign a Waiver of Liability with the University. 

Roommate Matching

Either students of the same gender or married couples (both should be students) will be arranged in one double room. 

CSC-funded Bachelor’s and Master’s candidates will be sharing a double room, as required by the 2017 CSC Administration Manual. Single room is provided only under very special situations such as disability, and student who apply for single room must pay the difference (1200/semester for full-scholarship Master's, 2700/semester for partial scholarship and self-funded students) before placement decision is made.

The Section of International Students will make every effort to accommodate your preferences, but we reserve the right to assign all residence space according to availability, suitability, fairness and need.

Confirmation of Offer

Each resident will receive an offer letter from the Section of International Students for a specific room in a specific building. Submitting the letter to the Housing Administrator and taking the key is seemed as accepting the offer. Modification of room assignments can be made inside the same building upon 24 hours of receiving the offer letter.


Any student who withdraws or take suspension from the University during the occupancy period is no longer eligible to live in residence. All residence privileges will terminate at noon on the effective date of de-registration from the University. It is the responsibility of the student to notify the Section of International Students in writing of their Checking-out from on campus housing and to return their keys to the Housing Administrator. If no checking-out application is received, the room will continue to bill.   


Information about other available dormitories is updated frequently. It is the student's responsibility to contact the Section of International Students for the application. 

Transfers are permitted when the room (and facility) has serious quality problems (leakage, etc.) with Housing Administrator's confirmation, 


the student's coursework/labwork (>80%) moves to the other campus, with supervisor's confirmation. 

Transfers are not permitted for reasons including eating and sleeping habits, religion, sexual orientation, political affiliation, bodily odor and other personal tendencies, need of privacy, or convenient access to kitchen.  Transfers are not permitted unless alternative space is available and are mediated as a final resolution between Housing Administrator and Section of International Students.

Room optimization happens when a student is the only occupant of a double room. The office reserves the right to arrange new roommates. 


Room Checks

For routine fire check, pest control, wall painting or scheduled maintenance, notice will be given to public in advance by the university office concerned. Work will be done without student's presence.

For emergency checks, work will be done without any notice (such as to put up fire, to stop suicidal attempts, to demand visitor to leave).

For all room checks, there shall be two or more staffs enter a room each time.

Laundry and Kitchen

Laundry and kitchen cards are sold and recharged in reception room or using the official APPs.

Room Electricity

The free amount of electricity is provided only in the beginning of semester and the unused amount of electricity cannot be transferred to another room. 

When free amount of electricity is used up, student shall recharge at their own cost at Supply House (the white-colored bungalow near Cafeteria #2). Contact the reception room to check your room electrical meters frequently.