Incoming new students

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Immigration-related Paperwork 

for 2016 Incoming New Students




What   Documents

24 hours  upon living on-campus

Register Temporary Residence

Gaoxinyuan Police Station 高新园派出所

Metro line 1 to Tianyindadao Station and transfer to No. 812 bus to Fangshanjimao Station.


Add: No. 2009 Tianyin Avenue, Jiangning District江宁区天印大道2009号

Tel: 025-84951334 (Group reservation required)

Friendly Notice: All police stations work Monday ~ Friday 9-12AM and 1:30-5PM, if not specified. 

Letter for Temporary Residence   Registration Passport, one photocopy of passport page and one for visa page

3 workdays   before applying for Residence Permit, Suggestion: Sep.6 morning

Physical Exam

Jiangsu International   Travel Healthcare Center 江苏国际旅行卫生保健中心

Add: 南京市创智路39号,一楼和二楼 1st Floor and 2nd Floor, 39 ChuangZhi   Road

Tel025-523457005234571152345707    Office Time: Monday ~ Friday 上午08:30-11:30AM


地铁2号线雨润大街站下,步行15分钟 Metro Line 2, Yurun Dajie Station, then   15 mins. walk

 or: 地铁10号线中胜站下,步行18分钟 Metro Line 10, Zhongsheng Station, then   18 mins. walk

Passport, original health certificates of your own   country’s (if approved, only pay about 60 Yuan. If not, you need to go   through the Physical Examination and pay about 300 Yuan), and two 2-inch   photos. Empty stomach required.

Before applying for Residence Permit

Suggestion: Sep.7 afternoon

Open a Huaxia Bank Account

Huaxia   Bank Shengtai Donglu Sub-branch

华夏银行胜太东路支行(Stipend   Card only

Metro line 1 to Shengtailu Station


Add: No.8 Shengtai Road East, Jiangning   District江宁区胜太东路8

Friendly Notice: All banks work Monday ~ Friday 9AM-5PM, if not specified. 

Original passport

According to the specific date on the   receipt

Take Health Form

Jiangsu   International Travel Healthcare Center 江苏国际旅行卫生保健中心


30 days upon arrival (preferably before   Sep. 12)

Apply for Residence Permit (>180 days   multiple entry) or X2 visa (<180 days 0 entry)

Nanjing Visa Center南京公安局出入境管理处

Metro line 1 to Zhangfuyuan Station, get out from   the 3rd exit, and walk 1km eastwards.

Facing the Red Cross Hospital.


Add: No. 173 Baixia Road, Baixia District白下区白下路173

Tel: 025-84420005, 84420012

Friendly Notice: All public offices work Monday ~ Friday 9-12AM and 1:30-5PM.

Stops accepting applications 4:30PM

No group application unless reserved

1. A completed

 application Form with 2-inch photo,

2. Temporary Residence Form by Gaoxinyuan   police,

3. Passport, and two photocopies for:   passport page and Visa page,

4. Letter of Visa Application,5. Health   Certificate (from Hygiene Center),

6. Yellow page of JW201/202
   7. Admission Notice (Issued by International Office)
400 (<=364 days), 800 (365 days -3   years) or 1000(more than 3 years))

Friendly Notice: Applicant must pay the fee at Visa Center within 24 hours of application