Notice on make-up examination for final-year international students

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Notice on make-up examination for final-year international students

First Semester, 2019-2020 Academic Year

各位留学生/To all international students


The make-up examinations for the first semester, 2019-2020 academic year will be arranged as follows.


() 补考时间/ Schedule



For Chinese-taught students: May 3rd to 9th.

For English-taught students: May 5th to 8th.

Please refer to attachment 1 for detailed schedule.

() 参加学生:延期毕业的本科留学生及毕业班本科留学生。

The exams are only for undergraduates on final year or on study extension.

() 非毕业班留学生的补考待疫情结束返校后统一安排。

Make-up exams for students other than final year will be arranged after all students resume classes on campus.



Students must bring their campus card or passport when they attend the examination.


Students are required to wear a face mask, sit apart and keep distance when taking exams in classroom.


Students taking exams online should contact the class mentor 30 minutes in advance to test equipment. The paper must be sent to the designated mailbox within 5 minutes after the exam ends.


() 考试期间须严格遵守考场纪律。

Please strictly abide by theExam Rules and Regulations

线下集中考试的考试纪律详见。Please check the link below for rules and regulation for exams in class.

线上考试的考试纪律详见附件2Please refer to attachment 2 for rules and regulations for online exam.

(二)如有疑问请联系:025-86185052If you have any questions, please contact: 025-86185052.


Attachment 1: 2019-2020-1 Make-up Exam Schedule

附件2 线上考试纪律.docx

Attachment 2: Online-exam Rules and Regulations




School of International Education

April 29, 2020