Notice on Visa Extension for Students Currently in China

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Dear students,

Due to the previous policy from the immigration, visas of all foreigners in China are automatically renewed for 2 months during the spread of COVID-19. However, since some of your current visas are supposed to expire in March or April, 2020, after the automatic 2-month renewal, your visa will expire in May or June. Students in the above situation, please follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Clear your payments including tuition, accommodation and insurance as soon as possible before April 30, 2020

Step 2: Download and print Commitment for Payment.docx, fill and sign your name. Send clear photo or scan copy to for review. 

Step 3: Please send the photo of your passport information page, latest visa page, latest entry stamp page to Ms. Zhang’s email, Please be aware that the email shall be entitled with your Chinese name + student ID + payment completed. Ms. Zhang will issue the visa extension letter accordingly, leave it with H1 doorkeeper and inform you afterwards. Please be aware that only after clearing all your payments can you send the email.

Step 4: Since nobody can leave the campus without approval, you shall apply for going outside campus to the visa center by submitting the Application Form for the Campus Entry and Exit of International Students to your class mentor. 

Step 5: After getting the official approval, you can go to the visa center for visa extension on the certain date. If everything goes smoothly, you will get the receipt from the visa center, which shall be kept carefully as a temporary ID. Please make sure that you bring all the required materials to the visa center, including passport, visa extension letter, temporary residence registration form (soft/hard copy), white background 2-inch photo (if you have), visa fees, etc.

Step 6: Apply to go outside campus with your class mentor again to go to the visa center to take your passport back according to  the collection date on your receipt. 


1. Please wear masks all the way and keep distance with others.

2. Please go to the visa center only and come back within 2 hours. Students living in Jiangning campus please go to the Jianging Citizen Center (address: No. 2 Yang Jia Wei Road, Jiangning District 江宁区杨家圩路2), while students in XWM campus can go to Nanjing Visa Center (address: No. 173 Baixia Road, Baixia District 白下区白下路173).

3. For students outside campus, no need to enter school to get the visa extension letter. You can ask your friend in campus to pick up the visa extension letter for you and send to you by express or deliver it to you at CPU gate in person. After getting your visa extension letter, you can go to the visa center for visa extension procedures normally.

4. For any doubts or concerns, please feel free to contact your class mentor.

School of International Education

April 22, 2020