Policies on Recent Epidemic Prevention & Control

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Policies on Recent Epidemic Prevention & Control


July 21, 2021

CPUs recent policies on epidemic prevention & control are notified as follows, according to the relevant requirements in Nanjing and Jiangning District,

1. All faculty members, staffs and students in Nanjing are required to undergo nucleic acid testing (NAT). Students living on-campus need to complete NAT on July 21, and students living off-campus in Nanjing need to complete NAT at the appointed community or hospital testing site on or before July 22. Students in other cities of China are advised to take the initiative to test at the nearest available site.

2. Students on-campus are not allowed to leave campus unless necessary. All faculty members, staffs and students are not allowed to leave Nanjing unless necessary. Students who need to leave Nanjing under very special circumstances must report to the School of International Education in advance by submitting an application form for leaving Nanjing to the class mentor.

3. Without approval, no gathering activities with more than three persons are allowed on campus and dormitories. Even if approved before, re-approval is required.

4. Students currently outside campus are not allowed to enter campus without permission during the summer vacation. For special circumstances, please contact the class mentor in advance and submit an application. One must have a valid nucleic acid test report, wear a mask, verify the health code, itinerary code, and temperature check, before entry of campus.

5. Please continue to strictly abide by the schools and universitys holiday epidemic prevention and control requirements, see http://international.cpu.edu.cn/4f/2e/c399a151342/page.htm

for details.

The above notifications can be updated at any time based on the development of the epidemic situation and notifications from the university leadership.


School of International Education