2021 Summer Vacation Notice

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According to the Universitys arrangement, the 2021 summer vacation will begin on July 12 and end on August 29.


I. Student management during the vacation

1. 校内住宿学生

1. On-campus housing students


1Campus management. Students remaining on campus must strictly abide by all university discipline and regulations including campus epidemic prevention and control measures. In the summer vacation, students shall continue to update CPU Health Codein Wechat Work and sign in every day.  On-campus students may exit and enter the university gate by face scanning during the holiday. Students should keep social distancing and avoid crowds when off campus, especially places with poor ventilation.


2Requirements for moving outside campus. Students who want to move outside campus temporarily during the summer vacation shall submit the Application Form for Moving Outside Campus during the 2021 Summer Vacation (see appendix 1) and send to the class mentors before July 8. School of International Education will review the application forms, only with official approval can the students move outside campus. Students moving outside campus shall remain in the place of residence and shall not travel to other cities. Do not go to the middle or high-risk areas. After approval,students shall move outside campus before 5pm on July 10 and shall only return to campus between 9am and 5pm on August 27. Students shall not return to campus in the middle of the summer leave by principle.


3Requirements during the off-campus housing period. During the off-campus housing period, students shall abide by the epidemic prevention and control rules of the local community, pay attention to personal protection, including wear masks, wash hands frequently and avoid gathering. When living outside campus, students should reduce unnecessary travel, do not travel outside China or travel to middle or high-risk areas, do not travel long distances across provinces, do not contact with people from middle or high-risk areas, and take personal protection measures. Students shall maintain contact with the class mentor, and update “CPU Health Code”in Wechat Work every day. If must leave the place of residence, students shall report to the class mentor in advance. When feeling unwell, students shall go to hospital and report to class mentors immediately.


4Requirements for returning to campus. Before returning to campus, students are required to submit the Application form for off-campus students to move back to campus (see Appendix 2), the Su Kang Code(苏康码), the travel history of the student and his/her roommate to the class mentor.Students shall submit the application on August 25. After approval, students shall only return to campus between 9am and 5pm on August 27. Students who are located in or have been to a middle or high-risk area are not allowed to return to campus. After the area is reduced to a low-risk area, the student can apply to return to campus. Students are not allowed to return to campus if the materials are incomplete, incorrect or false.


5Dormitory management. International students should consciously clean and disinfect the dormitory, maintain indoor air circulation and create a clean and hygienic bedroom environment. Pay attention to personal hygiene and follow the healthy lifestyle. It is strictly forbidden to use illegal electrical appliances, stay out over night, or host visitors over night. Be sure to shut down the water and electricity, lock doors and windows before going out, and pay attention to personal and property safety, especially the fire safety during the summer. The School of International Education will carry out irregular safety inspections and civilization supervision from time to time. In case of disciplinary violations, the school will give serious punishment in accordance with the relevant rules of the school, and cancel the student’s residence qualification for living on campus.

2. 校外住宿学生


2. Off-campus housing students

Students shall obey and actively cooperate with local epidemic prevention and control measures during the summer vacation. Students shall update “CPU Health Code”in Wechat Workand timely report your physical condition to the class mentor. Students shall pay attention to personal protection and reduce unnecessary travel, do not travel outside China or travel to domestic middle or high-risk areas, do not travel long distances across provinces, do not contact with people from middle or high-risk areas, and take personal protection measures. Students shall maintain contact with the class mentor. If must leave the place of residence, students shall report to the class mentor in advance. When feeling unwell, students shall go to hospital and report to class mentors immediately. No return to campus without permission.

3. 境外学生


3. Overseas students

Overseas students shall continue to keep in touch with the school and class mentors, pay close attention to the examination and teaching related notices. Students shall take personal protection measures. No return to campus without permission.



II. Office hours during the vacation

The office staffs will start the break on July 14 and come back to work on August 25. During the vacation, office staff will be on duty in turn. Please pay attention to our official website for the duty schedule. In case of unintended circumstances, please keep in touch with the dorm administrators, your class mentor, teacher on duty or supervisor. Please keep your mobile phone and email in touch.During the vacation, the office work of visa extension, certification and transcripts, and review for payments/insurance will be suspended. Please arrange your schedule properly.

联系方式Contact http://international.cpu.edu.cn/8b/07/c432a101127/page.htm



III. Payment and Visa

All students are strongly advised to apply for resident permit at least two week beforehand and don’t wait till the last day of visa expiration. Please be aware that all visa extension shall be made after payment and registration. Detailed instructions for payment and insurance will be announced later.



IV. Registration and make-up exams

Details on registration and make-up exams will be announced later.



V. Mental health support during the summer vacation

When students have emotional reactions such as insomnia, anxiety, nervousness, fear, and low mood due to the epidemic situation, it is recommended to seek psychological support with professionals. Students may contact the school psychological counseling center through class mentor, or call the Jiangsu province epidemic prevention and control psychological support hotline 025-86868449, or Nanjing Medical University Affiliated Brain Hospital crisis intervention hotline 025-83712977.


VI. Reminders for a safe and happy summer vacation

1. 疫情防控



1. Epidemic Prevention and Control

All International students shall follow the epidemic prevention and control rules, late reporting, omission, concealment, or false reporting of epidemic information are not allowed. International students shall not disturb normal campus order. Students shall keep social distancing. Students are kindly advised not to gather to eat, drink, or have group activities, or go to crowded public places. Students are encouraged to develop healthy living and good hygiene habits. Students MUST wear masks wherever indoors.

Students who have symptoms of acute respiratory infections, including coughing, dyspnea or diarrhea, especially body temperature ≥ 37.3 ℃, should immediately go to hospital and report to your class mentor if you are off campus, or report to the class mentor or to the dormitory administrator, and follow the University’s emergency procedures, if your are on campus.




2.Obey Chinese laws and school rules

Students shall strictly abide by Chinese laws and regulations as well as school rules and regulations, illegal work is strictly forbidden, and any violations will be severely punished according to regulations. Please avoid bars, pubs, night clubs, etc. for the potential injury & hospitalization of you and others.


留学生需切实提高安全防范意识。留学生要切实提高防骗意识、安全防范意识、疫情防控意识, 树立科学消费理念,谨防电信诈骗和套路贷、培训贷、创业贷、求职贷等校园贷。注意人身及财产安全,不要前往野外水域游泳以防溺水。

3.Improve safety awareness

International students shall improve their safety awareness. International students should raise their awareness of fraud prevention, safety prevention and epidemic prevention, establish a scientific concept of consumption, and guard against telecom fraud, routine loans, training loans, entrepreneurship loans, job loans and other campus loans. Pay attention to personal and property safety. Do not swim in wild lakes to avoid drowning.

4. 护照遗失如何处理


4. How to deal with passport loss

Students shall always take the passport with you. If the passport is missing, you shall go to the nearest police to issue a Loss Certificate, and go to Nanjing Visa Center to submit the Loss Certificate and other documents, and contact your embassy for a new passport.

5. 防火防洪



5. Protection from fire and flood

Fire prevention is of great importance. Before vacations or if need to leave the room for a long time, student shall shut down the room electricity, water supply, doors and windows before leaving. Using any kind of fire (including but not limited to: smoking, candles, burning incense) or illegal electrical appliance in the dorm is totally forbidden. There will still be room checks during the vacation, please comply with our residential regulations.

Close attention shall be paid to the flood situation in the summer. During the heavy storm or high wind, students shall avoid going outside, especially avoid lakes or woods.


Wish you all a safe and delighted summer vacation





School of International Education

July 6, 2021