Campus Card

Publisher:刘琪Published:2017-10-11Times :333

The card number equals Internet user name, online payment user name , CPU email account and equals initial password. 

Expiration date: For degree candidates generally the July 31 of the year of completion.  For one-year Chinese language student: July 15 of the year of completion. For visiting faculty & students: the specific day of program completion. 

The card can be used for all on-campus facilities. Cards that start with "56" cannot borrow books from the library.   

The initial balance is -20 Yuan and status is "deactivated". To activate the card, recharge the card with human services at Logistics Service Center near Cafeteria #2 for the first time.  

You may also recharge the card, change initial password and pay room electricity fees using the self-service machine at Logistics Service Center 

Each time the card is replaced, a 20 Yuan is charged to the card balance. 

Daily consumption limit is 50 Yuan, above which a password (initial: 888888) is required.