Notice on the final examination 2020-2021 academic year, 2nd semester (For English-taught programs only)

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Notice on the final examination

2020-2021 academic year, 2nd  semester

For English-taught programs only

各位同学/To all English-taught international undergraduates,


The final examination 2020-2021 academic year, 2nd  semester will be arranged as follows:


2021628-79/June28th – July 9th2021

二、考试方式/About the exams


Students on campus will take the in-person exams in classrooms and students off campus & outside China will take the exams online. For courses only taught online, all the students will take exams online.


(一)线下考试/In-person exams


Students must bring their campus card or passport when taking the in-person exams.


Students are required to wear masks, sit at least 1 meter from each other, avoid gathering and talking during the whole exam.

(二)线上考试/Online exams


Students taking the online exam should contact the class mentor at least 24 hours in advance to test the equipment. A computer (laptop) and two mobile phones are required for the exam. The computer(laptop) is used for receiving the exam paper. Mobile phone A is used for invigilation and Mobile phone B is used for taking photos of the answers and sending to teacher’s mailbox after the exam ends. Mobile phone A’s video conference of WeChat Enterprise should be turned on during the whole exam, and it should be placed around the student (the distance should be within 1 meter) and the camera range should include the student’s hands and the computer screen, otherwise the invigilator will not send the exam paper. Anything unrelated with the exam shouldn’t be placed on student’s table. It is forbidden to use Mobile Phone B during the exam.


Students should write the answers on prepared blank papers. The answer sheet must be taken photo and sent to the designated mailbox within 5 minutes after the exam finishes. Late emails or photos with format problems are not acceptable. While the exam ends, students should still keep online and cannot log off the conference / turn off the video / leave the scope of the video invigilation without invigilator’s authorization.


Students should keep the microphone on, keep quiet, and do not use headphones or mute the microphone during the period of exam.


Students who need to submit their answer sheets in advance should raise their hands and inform the invigilator. Only after the invigilator’s permit and confirmation of the submission of answers can they quit the video conference.


If students have one of the following behaviors or one of the following situations occur, the exam will be recorded unsuccessful:


Students violates the discipline or cheats;


Student fails to log in the exam WeChat video conference within 15 minutes after the exam starts;


Students fails to put the equipment as the invigilator requires or move the equipment without the invigilator’s authorization during the exam.


The live video of WeChat meeting is paused or turns into a black screen for more than 3 times, or a single pause/black screen exceeds more than 10 minutes;


Unnecessary screen cutting occurs for more than 3 times;


Being out of the scope of the video invigilation without the invigilator’s authorization;


Other behaviors or situations identified by the invigilator as detrimental to the fairness and justice of the exam.



Students are required to sign the Examination Discipline Commitment before the examination and strictly abide by the rules and regulations.


Test papers and answers must be kept strictly confidential and must not be leaked.


Please get all the equipment prepared and contact the School for any question.



Attachment 1: Commitment


Attachment 2: Online-exam Rules and Regulations



Attachment 3: In-person Exam Rules and Regulations


Attachment 4: 2020-2021-2 Final Exam Timetable


School of International Education


附件1-考试纪律承诺书(终版).doc附件2-20210622线上考试纪律.docx.docx附件4-2020-2021-2 Final Exam Timetable.xlsx