2024 Annual Extension of CSC Scholarship

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According to the CSC requirements, CPU School of International Education will continue to take charge of the Annual Extension for CSC PhD candidates students studying at CPU.

一、延期人员Participants of Extension


PhD candidates of Class of 2020 who will extend study period after June 2024. Must have passed Thesis Proposal and Mid-term Qualification by the Graduate School, and have NEVER applied for scholarship extension before.

二、申请流程 Application Procedure

今年开始学生须通过中国政府奖学金来华留学管理信息系统(studyinchina.csc.edu.cn)进行 基本流程为“ 学校导入导师名单一学生申请一导师填写审核意见一学校填写意见—上报”。具体步骤如下:

Application from this year should be made through the Chinese Government ScholarshipStudy in China Management Information System. The specific steps are as follows:

1. 国教院先行完成导入延期学生名单、匹配导师信息等前置步骤后,延期申请表格推送至学生端;

The School of International Education shall first import the list of students for extension, match the supervisors information and other pre-steps; then the extension form will be sent to enlisted students;

2. 延期表格下发至学生端后,参评学生通过CSC号登录信息系统studyinchina.csc.edu.cn,进入“博士生延期申请”,填写相关内容,点击“提交”;

After the extension application form is sent to students, students should log in the information system studyinchina.csc.edu.cn through the CSC number to enter the "Scholarship Extension Application for PhD students", fill in the relevant information as required, and click "Submit";

3. 学校导师邮箱收到邮件,包含登录链接、临时用户名和密码,导师登录系统后需修改正式密码,进入“博士生延期审核”页面,确认或变更申请人填报信息,给出审核意见和结果,点击“提交”;

The supervisors will receive an email containing login link, temporary user name and password. The supervisors need to change the official password after logging in to the system, enter the page of "Review of Scholarship Extension application for PhD students", confirm or change the information filled in by the applicants, give the review opinion and result, and click "Submit";

4. 国教院再次确认学生的开题、中期和年审情况,给出审核意见,并提交至国家留学基金委。

The School of International Education will confirm students' Thesis Proposal and Mid-term Qualification again, give review opinions and submit it to China Scholarship Council.


2024414日前  国教院完成名单上传;

The students list will be uploaded before April 14, 2024 by School of International Education;

415-420日 学生完成表格填写并提交;

From April 15 to 20, students shall fill in the form and submit;

421-425日 导师确认或变更申请人填报信息,给出审核意见和结果;

From April21 to 25, supervisor shall confirm or change the information filled in by the applicants, give the review opinion and result;

430日前 国教院提交材料至国家留学基金委。

Before April 30, School of International Education shall submit all the materials to China Scholarship Council.

四、结果通报Announcement of Results


CSC will announce the results for Extension Review in Aug. 2024. Those who fail to pass the Extension Review, including those who fail to submit Extension application forms before the time limit, will not only stop receiving monthly stipend from Sep.2024 to Aug. 2025, but also shall pay the 2024-2025 academic year’s tuition, accommodation, and insurance on their own expense.


学生表格填写指南Guidance for Form Filling



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April 1, 2024