Summer Safety Education Meeting, 2020

Publisher:张晨Published:2020-07-29Times :11

The 2020 Summer Vacation Safety Education Meeting was held at A208, the teaching building of Jiangning Campus on July, 17. Zhu Zhilong the Vice Dean of the School of International Education, Qiu Mingming the Vice Dean of the School of International Education, teachers and staffs and representatives of international students attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Mr. Zhu Zhilong showed his gratitude to all the international students for their cooperation with the School of International Education on fighting against the COVID-19 and wished them all a happy and safe summer vacation. Then, international students' class mentors explained in detail the Regulations on Visa and Residence Management for Foreign Students of China Pharmaceutical University.

Class mentors also gave detailed explanations on the dormitory management regulations, holiday safety precautions, etc., emphasizing the importance of holiday safety. Subsequently, the relevant teachers of international students focused on the enforcement of laws and regulations, the summer hazards, as well as knowledge and cases of fire escape, traffic safety, personal property safety, etc., requiring international students to raise awareness of safety and prevention, and learn the basic common sense and skills of self-protection. At the same time, the meeting also offered some suggestions for on-campus and off-campus students on self-protection during this special period.

Finally, Vice Dean Zhu Zhilong and relevant teachers answered some questions raised by student representatives.

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