Check-out Notice for Students outside Campus

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To: International students who do not continue to study in CPU in the next academic year due to various reasons such as graduation, completion, dropping out, academic suspension, expiration of CSC scholarships, etc., but have not checked out from the on-campus dormitory.


Currently a minority of such students haven’t completed the checking-out formalities, which delayed the refund process of those who check out on-time, and affected the progress of the university’s routine maintenance work. The School hereby notifies students as follows:


The School now gives a favor by allowing such students to reply by Beijing Time 4PM July 25, 2020 (a valid signed document must be sent to the work Emailbox), either to authorize another student on-campus to complete the check-out formalities, or write a commitment to give up all personal belongings in the dormitory. If the document is received and checking-out formalities are completed before July 25, no fees will be charged. If the reply is late or no reply, then accommodation fee will be charged by month since July 15, according to the Regulations on Payment of International Students [2018]5. Finally, despite of the balance, all personal belongings remaining the room after Aug.15 will be recycled by the logistics.

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Regulations on Campus Housing for International Students at CPU [2016]7 Article 18: Students graduating or completing study shall check out from on-campus dormitory on the stipulated date (July 15). Room deposit will be unfrozen and returned only upon successful checking out (returning the key, no loss or damage to room facilities, no unpaid fees). Any personal belonging left in the room for more than two weeks will be seemed as unclaimed property and will be recycled by the university. Overstay (occupying the room after the stipulated date without approval) will result in extra costs, including cleaning and maintenance costs. Student shall be solely responsible for the fees, the damage or loss due to overstay.