Notice on Visa and Accommodation for Graduating Students

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Dear graduating students:

Visa Issue

Your current visa is valid till July 15, 2020, according to Article 2(1) of the Regulations on Visa and Residence Permit for International Students, China Pharmaceutical University([2018] 3) “ Last year students shall get Residence Permit valid until next July 15”. In principle, after graduation/completion of program, no Letter of Immigration will be provided by School of International Education.

Under this circumstance, we highly suggest that you get an air ticket and leave China before your current visa expires(before July 15,2020). However, due to the COVID-19, if you really cant get an air ticket with departure date previous to July 15, School of International Education will consider your special condition and issue you a stay visa till the departure date of your air ticket. Please be aware that in principle we can only issue the stay visa till July 30, 2020 at most.

In order to get the immigration support, the following documents shall be provided before July 13. please put all the required documents into a folder entitled with your Chinese name and student ID, and leave it at H1 doorkeeper. 

1.A photocopy of your air ticket

2.An application form for the immigration support for graduating students, which is attached at the bottom for you to download and fill in. Please be aware that you must sign on it. 

Deadline for submission: July 13, 2020. Students who miss the deadline shall be deemed as no need for visa extension. 

After reviewing your documents, School of International Education will decide whether to issue you the immigration support or not and give you feedback as soon as possible. 

Accommodation Issue

According to Article 18 of theRegulations on Campus Housing for International Students at CPU (Trial) ([2016] 7) “ Students graduating or completing study shall check out from on-campus dormitory on the stipulated date (July 15)”, all graduating students shall check out from on-campus dormitory before July 15. 

For any doubts or questions please consult your class mentor.

application form for the immigration support for graduating students.doc

School of International Education

June 24, 2020