Annoucement: Result of Presidential Scholarship Annual Review, Year of 2020

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According to the “Annual Assessment Method for International Student Scholarships” ([2016] 338) and “Implementation Rules for Foreign Student President Scholarship” ([2016] 339), School of International Education organized the Year of 2020 Presidential Scholarship Annual Review from May to June, 2020. 269 international students are supposed to participate in this annual review, and 260 students submitted review forms and materials. 9 students did not participate in the review. The final result is announced as follows:



Among the 260 participants, 250 passed the Annual Review (attachment 1), including those recovered from suspension, and those whose performance are not satisfactory but do not meet the standards for suspension, such students are deemed as “barely pass” with a scholarship warning.



19 out of 269 students failed the annual review. The scholarship qualification of 11 students are cancelled, 8 suspended for one academic year (no tuition waiver since Sep.2020). See attachment 2 for details.  

特别说明Special Notes


This annual review is a comprehensive evaluation of the performance of presidential scholarship students from Second Semester, Academic Year 2018-19 to First Semester, Academic Year 2019-2020. 


Due to the pandemic, the University hasn’t arranged make-up exams for First Semester, Academic Year 2019-2020 for non-graduating students (except Chinese Language Preparatory Class), so that some students failed in more than one third compulsory courses. If they do not fail the Second Semester, Academic Year 2018-19, and their absence or demerit records do not meet the standard for suspension, these students will be given “barely pass” with scholarship warning.  


For each suspension/cancellation, a letter of decision has been sent to student in person or by email. A decision is regarded as being successfully delivered after 15 days of publication of this announcement, if no signature or read receipt is received.


Any objection to the decisions above, please email before Beijing Time 5PM, June 29, 2020.


School of International Education

China Pharmaceutical University