Notification on the Issuance of CSC Living Allowance during Pandemic

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According to the governmental documents, with concerns of the University’s graduation formalities and the Financial Office’s policies, the School now makes the following arrangements for the issuance of CSC living allowance during the pandemic:

一、6月正常毕业的学生 I.Students scheduled to graduate in June 2020:


Students inside China will receive half of July’s monthly living allowance. Afterwards, the expenses in China shall be student’s sole responsibility.


Student outside China will receive cumulative unissued allowance, till the end of June.

二、6月不毕业的学生 II.Students who will not graduate in June 2020


All final-year students who cannot graduate normally in June, including those pending CSC extension and those who haven’t applied for CSC extension, will receive cumulative unissued monthly allowance, till July 15 (half for July), that is, not exceeding the scholarship expiration date in CSC database. Afterwards, the expenses in China shall be student’s sole responsibility. PhD candidates whose extension being approved by CSC: cumulative allowance will be calculated and issued after student return to school.


Other than final-year students, all students inside and outside China will receive cumulative unissued monthly allowance, till the end of August.

三、下学期发放要求 III. Requirements since September 2020:


Students inside China and participate in class/lab activities: monthly allowance will be issued normally.


Students outside China who keep in-pace with online courses/research progress and take part in online final exams/evaluations of second semester, academic year 2019-2020: cumulative monthly allowance since September will be issued after student return to school and register. If student do not participate in online course or being absent from final exams/lab evaluation, then even if student return to school, living allowance will be suspended. If student have difficulty taking the online courses and exams, he/she shall apply for school suspension, and living allowance be suspended.

四、发放方式 IV. Time and Account



In early July, CPU Financial Office will arrange one-time transfer for July and cumulative unissued allowance to all students’ Huaxia bank cards. August allowance will be issued in early August.

Special Notice: As students outside China will not receive text messages from bank, and also all foreigner’s cards will be de-activated the same day the holder’s visa expires, please withdraw money timely at the bank that has RMB (China UnionPay) business.

五、其他 V. Miscellaneous


The issuance of off-campus subsidy is based on the validity of contract. If the contract expired, the subsidy will be suspended since the next month.


The issuance of Jiangsu Governmental Full-Scholarship and other one-time subsidy refers to the standard of CSC.

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