Online Talent Competition

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Are you feeling bored for the lack of outdoor activities? Do you want to show us your beautiful voice, passionate dance or other great talents? Take out your camera, record them and participate in this online talent competition of international students of CPU.


1. The contributions should be short videos, the length of which should be within 4 minutes and size within 100Mb. The contributions should be MP4 format with resolution up to 1280*720. They must be original and should not violate copyright of any third party. 

2. The contents should be contributor’s own singing, dancing, magic trick, musical instrument performance, sports skill, etc. 

3. The contributions should be named after the sequence “student ID-contributor’s Chinese name-the work’s name”. Contributor’s personal information shall be included along with video: name (English full name is required, Chinese full name is optional), gender, age, nationality, mobile phone number, student ID, major and personal photos. 

4. The content of the contributions shall be in line with the laws of the People’s Republic of China and regulations of China Pharmaceutical University.

Submission Mailbox:

Contact Person:

Mr. Shao



Tuesday June 16, 2020


All the contributions will be published on the official account of School of International Education and an online voting will determine the top 6 videos that are most welcomed by public audience.


Prizes at three levels are set for the top 6 videos.

One first prize: 500 RMB

Two second prizes: 300 RMB

Three third prizes: 200 RMB

Each participant will be awarded with a commemorative certificate.

Your contributions are warmly welcomed!

School of International Education

June 5, 2020