Regulations of Off-campus Residence for International Students, China Pharmaceutical University

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In case of discrepancies in interpretation, the Chinese version shall prevail

The following regulations are formulated in order to further regulate international students’application for off-campus accommodation, improve the registration process, and enhance the awareness of international students' safety precautions, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Exit and Entry Administration Law  of the People’s Republic of China and Administrative Measures for Recruiting and Training International Students, and in accordance with the actual situation of international student management of the University.

Article 1 Application Requirements

(1) The applicant must be a degree-oriented student of second year or above;

(2) The applicant must abide by Chinese laws, decrees and school rules, and respect local customs;

(3) By the time of application, the applicant shall have paid the tuition and bought insurance for the next academic year as required;

(4) The accumulated attendance during the past two semesters is higher than 90%;

(5) No failure or absence of examinations;

(6) No record of visa expiration.

Article 2 International students must apply for off-campus accommodation in one of the following situations:

(1) Extension of the study period due to failure to graduate normally;

(2) Master’s or doctoral students who bring their family members to China with prior approval;

(3) Student ordered to check out in violation of the on-campus housing management regulations twice or more;

(4) Other special circumstances as required by the University.

Article 3 Except for the situation described in Article 2, no international student of any type of scholarship may apply for off-campus accommodation in principle.

Article 4 The School of International Education accepts applications for moving on- and off-campus from June 1 to 30 each year. Before the off-campus housing contract expires, student who needs to continue off-campus accommodation must apply again. Student who applies for moving back to on-campus must also handle the materials from June 1 to 30 each year. In both cases student must apply for residence for at least one academic year.

Article 5 Student who applies for checking out shall have completed the payment of accommodation fees beforehand. Hence, their unincurred expenses shall be refunded in accordance with the relevant standards of the Regulations on Payment of International Students, China Pharmaceutical University.

Article 6 Process of Applying for Off-campus Accommodation

(1) Submit the Application form for off-campus accommodation (required for all, downloadable forms and the letter of consent of parent or sponsor (undergraduates only), which will be reviewed by the School of International Education.

(2) After approval, students may start looking for off-campus apartment and sign a housing lease contract, the effective period of contract shall be not less than one academic year.

(3) Submit the original valid housing lease contract in the name of the student's passport and a copy of the ID card of the owner (must be a Chinese citizen), which will be reviewed by the School of International Education.

(4) After passing the review, the student goes through the check-out formalities and the Temporary Residence change procedures.

Article 7: Applications for returning to on-campus housing shall be processed in accordance with the following procedures:

(1) Submit Application form for on-campus accommodation. Downloadable forms

(2) After the School’s approval, student signs the on-campus housing agreement, completes the payment of the accommodation fees as required, and completes the check-in procedures with the Room Offer Letter.

(3) Students must check in and complete the Temporary Residence registration within 24 hours of receiving the Room Offer Letter. Overdue application will be deemed invalid.

Article 8 International students must abide by Chinese laws and regulations when staying outside the school, strengthen their own awareness of security and self-protection, and ensure personal and property safety. Students are responsible for any economic disputes, legal disputes, security incidents, etc. that may arise from housing rental or off-campus accommodation.

Article 9 International students living off-campus shall consciously abide by the following rules:

(1) Must attend courses and participate in activities of the University as required.

(2) Use reasonable, legal, and proper means to maintain personal safety and property safety, handle disputes calmly, contact class mentors in a timely manner, and seek help from the School or police if necessary.

(3) When the mobile phone number and other contact information are changed, report to the School for updates in a timely manner.

(4) When the off-campus accommodation location is changed, student must handle the off-campus application materials again.

(5) International students who intern, travel, visit relatives and friends in other cities, and live in non-foreign-related hotels and residential houses should register their temporary residence information with the local immigration department in time.

(6) Students shall consciously maintain the reputation of international student groups and the University.

Article 10 In case of serious consequences caused by the fault of the international student, the School has the right to cancel his/her off-campus housing qualification and take disciplinary actions according to the severity of the circumstances.

Article 11 The School communicates regularly by sending safety tips, friendly notices and paying close attention to international students off-campus, and deals with problems in time.

Article 12 These regulations will be implemented from the release date. School of International Education is responsible for the interpretation of these regulations.

Release Date: May 14, 2020


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