About “Anti-COVID-19, We Are One”–stories and short videos competition for international students of CPU

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A. Theme

Theevent is themed Anti-COVID-19, We Are One. Contributors can submitstories or videos sharing their life and study experience, feelings, reflections, etc during the fighting against COVID-19.

The event aims to portray the anti-epidemic situation in China through the eyes of international students and enrich the extracurricular life of international students-capturing their living and studying, sharing how they adapt themselves in the special time as well as witnessing Chinas fightagainst COVID-19.

B. Time

Submission: May 13- May 31

Online exhibition: June 3-June 30

C. Forms of Contribution

1. Stories

Based on the event theme and personal experiences, contributors are free to design their stories, titles and literature forms, while keepingtheir plots decent, complete and rich in detail. Stories written in Chinese should be 800 to 1,500 wordslong, while English stories shall be around 800 words. One to two pictures, with captions, reflectingthe contributor'sliving and study conditions, are also recommended. The pictures should be 1-5MB in JPEG or PNGformats.

2. Short videos

Short videos, filmed and edited in Chinese or English, shall be original works with complete plots, clear pictures. Contributors can go on camera to share their first-person perspectives; they can also seek help from others in filming. Feel free to say something to CPU, China or your beloved ones in the videos. At a length of 1 minute to 3 minutes, the videos shall include subtitles, background music and voiceover, along with their dpi being no less than 1280*720 (16:9). Words introducing the work or the contributor's creativeintentionsare required, no more than 200 Chinese words or 150 English words.

D. Requirements

1. Contributors personal information shall be included: name (English full name is required, Chinese full name is optional), gender, age, nationality, mobile phone number, student ID, major and personal photos.

2. The contributions –including stories, photos and short videos –must be original and should not violate copyright of any third party. The organizers have the right to disqualify candidates if any violation is found and organizers are not responsible for such violations.

3. Tutorsname, if any, shall also be included in the contributions.

4. The content of the contributions shall be in line with the laws and regulations ofthe Peoples Republic of China.

E. Submission

Please submit your story or short video to zqy@cpu.edu.cn before 4pm, May 31, 2020.

Contact number: 025-86185426

School of International Education willreview works on a selective basis, 200-500 Yuan bonus will be awarded to the shortlistedcontributions. Excellent works will also have the chance to be published on school website and/or WeChat official account.

Your contribution are warmly welcomed!

School of International Education

May 12, 2020