Feb.28 A letter to all international students from Prof. KONG Lingyi, CPU vice president

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February 28, 2020

A letter to all international students

from Prof. KONG Lingyi, CPU vice president


Dear international students,


Thank you for coming all the way to Chinaand studying at China Pharmaceutical UniversityCPUfar away from your hometown at the best years of your life. The CPU leadership has been very concerned about everyone's study and life all along and try their best to create a good environment for everyone.

The Year 2020 started in hardship of the COVID-19 outbreak. Proactive and effective measures have been taken to combat the virus and great sacrifice has been made by the Chinese government at all levelsand now the infection has come under control in China. As of February 28, 2020, Nanjing has no new confirmed or suspected cases for 10 consecutive days.

Since the very beginning of the outbreak, CPU considers the safety and health of every faculty and student as the first priority, carrying out active and effective epidemic prevention and control to ensure the safety of faculty and students on- and off-campus. Under the “Full Coverage, Zero Missing” policy, CPU included all international students in its epidemic prevention management. Connecting with students inside and outside China, on-campus dormitories and off-campus apartments, we updated health profiles of every student every single day, and published the latest guidance and reminders to ensure everyone understands. I have visited the international student dormitory halls myself to talk with students, understand their needs and to cheer them up. As soon as the campus closed down, we made daily necessary food and masks available to students on campus. We disinfected the dormitory buildings every day and arranged extra personnel to maintain the security of the buildings. Administrative staffs are on duty every day to solve emergencies. The on-campus grocery store was opened and new items were introduced to meet international student diverse needs. Despite of the postponing of spring semester, online teaching platform has been established to ensure orderly teaching activities. Teachers have been working extra hours to keep student’s learning progress in pace.

I am fully aware that the virus outbreak has inconvenienced everyone by disturbing your winter plans and normal pace of life, but I am pleased to know that our students have sacrificed for the greater good and have been cooperative and supportive with the university arrangement, thus contributing to epidemic prevention. On behalf of CPU, I hereby express my sincere condolences and heartfelt thanks!

At present, China's virus infection is under control, but new outbreaks have been emerging in some other countries around the world, and the epidemic prevention is at a critical stage. Here, I hope that all international students could work together to protect the campus safety continuously. I hope that every student can consciously abide by our regulations, keep close contact with your class mentor, and report health status daily. Do not return until you have received formal notice of university reopening. At the same time, students are kindly advised to keep updated with the international epidemic situation via all kinds of media and avoid travelling to countries or regions with severe epidemic situation. If you have any question or suggestion, please feel free to contact CPU in time.

Dear students, no matter where you are, you will always be part of CPU and will always be our concern. Let us overcome the difficulties and greet the coming of spring.

Finally, I would like to remind all students who are currently abroad that they must protect themselves. I wish you all good health and academic success!


Prof. KONG Lingyi

Vice president,

China Pharmaceutical University