National Policies on International Students’ Insurance

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Excerpt from Ministry of Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Public Security Order No. 42 Administrative Measures for Recruiting and Cultivating International Students

Article 40 The school implements an international student full-member insurance system. International students must be insured in accordance with relevant national regulations and school requirements. Those who fail to purchase insurance in accordance with the regulations shall be demanded to insure within a time limit. If they fail to apply for insurance within the time limit, the school shall not accept the admission; for those who have already studied at the school, they shall withdraw or not be registered.

教育部、外交部、公安部令第42号 《学校招收和培养国际学生管理办法》节选

第四十条 学校实行国际学生全员保险制度。国际学生必须按照国家有关规定和学校要求投保。对未按照规定购买保险的,应限期投保,逾期不投保的,学校不予录取;对于已在学校学习的,应予退学或不予注册。


Interim Provisions of the Ministry of Education on International Cooperation and Exchange, Higher Schools Require Foreign Students to Purchase Insurance

Foreign Ministers [2007] No. 1078

I. In order to meet the needs of the rapid development of studying abroad in China, optimize the environment for studying in China, maintain the stability of higher education, improve the emergency response mechanism for higher education institutions, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of foreign students (hereinafter referred to as “international students”). .

II. Since the 2008/2009 school year, all higher education institutions must require international students who have studied in China for more than six months (including those who have continued to study for more than six months according to the original study plan) to purchase group comprehensive insurance in mainland China. The necessary materials for the registration process for the new semester.

If the university decides to study in China for less than six months, it is necessary to purchase group comprehensive insurance.

III. In order to ensure the same standard of insurance coverage for international students in the same school, institutions of higher learning must select a personal insurance company approved by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission (, which must be selected. It includes a group comprehensive insurance with the following basic contents:

1. Ping An Insurance (death or disability fixed payment), the death insurance amount shall not be less than RMB 100,000;

2. Personal accident insurance medical insurance, the amount of insurance shall not be less than 10,000 yuan;

3. Inpatient medical insurance, the amount of insurance shall not be less than RMB 400,000.

IV. Any personal life insurance (which does not include accident & inpatient medical insurance) cannot be used as a document for admission registration and residence permit in China.

V. Higher education institutions must include international student insurance in the management system of international students. The management department and staff of international students must accurately record the names, telephone numbers and faxes of the relevant business personnel of the selected insurance company in order to assist the students in making claims for insurance.

VI. Foreign student insurance matters accepted by primary and secondary schools may be handled in accordance with the spirit of this notice.