Notice on Adjusting Recent Epidemic Prevention & Control

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Recent policies on epidemic prevention & control are notified as follows, according to the relevant requirements in Nanjing and Jiangning District


Students on campus who move around the city and return on the same day need not to apply for leaving campus but need to inform the class mentor for the record.


Students on-campus are not allowed to leave Nanjing unless necessary. Students who need to leave Nanjing under very special circumstances must report to the School of International Education in advance by submitting an “Leaving Campus Application” online to the class mentor in advance. Traveling to high or middle-risk areas and areas with local cases reported within 14 days are forbidden. Once leaving, students are not allowed to enter campus without applying for “Returning to campus” online at lease one day in advance. After approval, students with a 48-hour valid negative NAT result can enter the school and need to do Nucleic Acid Test for the continuous three days after entering. Off campus students who need to leave Nanjing must inform the class mentor and follow the NAT regulations after returning.


Keep social distancing and avoid activities in crowded, poorly aerated indoors when outside campus. Always wear masks, wash hands frequently and do necessary self-protection. All students shall adhere to daily health monitoring when outside campus. Once found illness, please report to your class mentor in a timely manner, and seek medical treatment in accordance with relevant regulations.


The above notifications can be updated at any time based on the development of the epidemic situation and notifications from the university leadership.


School of International Education


6 June 2022