Instructions for online application for asking leave and return for international students

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In order to ensure the sufficient online application for leaving and returning to campus for all international students, the School of International Education together with Information Center launched the "Leaving Application System for International Students", which is currently in use. All international students who need to leave Nanjing or leave campus and stay outside overnight out of unavoidable circumstances must apply online through this system.

一、请假模块指南 Instructions for leaving application


Step 1:


Use a PC instead of phone. Click the link and Login CPU identity to open CPU Online Service Center. Google Chrome is recommended.


To see functions available to international students, either use “Ctrl+F” to find “国际教育学院” among the schools. Or search "留学生", and then click “Application for leaving campus for on-campus international students”.  


Step 2



Fill in all the information in the application form truthfully, including student personal information, notes, health situation, registration of the leaving campus arrangement, and promise of leaving campus. If there is any concealment or falsehood, students need to voluntarily assume relevant responsibilities!

Please note that the size of all uploaded images must be less than or equal to 2M.

How to apply for Jiangsu Health Code (苏康码

Scan the following QR code for the travel history

How to apply for CPU Health Code(药康码

The 14-day CPU health code record shall clearly show that you have been doing it for 14 consecutive days. Eg.:


For the “Flight number/train number/license plate number/other information” part, please specify if you cannot confirm the vehicle information in advance. For those who transfer metro lines or use multiple means of transportation, please specify the information of all means of transportation you used.

Eg.: Metro line 1 to metro line 10

Metro line 1, train number: xxxxx

所有内容均为必填项。 All items are required to fill in.




After completing the filling, please click the blue "Submit" button at the top right of the page to submit.




After the student completes the submission, it will be reviewed by the school. After the review is passed, students will receive the following system reminder. Please note that students can only leave school on the approved leaving-campus date and are not allowed to leave school at other times. The specific approved leaving campus date can be viewed in the “Approved Leaving Campus Date” at the bottom of the application form.


Student applications that fail the review will be returned, and students can resubmit after making corresponding amendments.



Once approved, the student will be deprived of entry to the campus in University Entrance System during his/her leave. Please apply “return to campus” in advance according to the regulations, then the student can enter the school by scanning his/her face.

二、返校申请指南 Instructions for return-to-campus application


To apply for returning-to-campus for international students, please refer to the earlier notice for details:


Attachment: Summary of Class and Class Mentor Information


Please confirm your administrative class and corresponding class mentor, and submit the application to your mentor online.



School of International Education

December 28, 2021