Notice on the Student Status Change System based on Unified Identity Certification

Publisher:张晨Published:2021-09-29Times :1923


为提高申请效率、将严格管理与方便学生相结合,我院在现有规定基础上,启用 “留学生学籍异动”网上申请系统处理退学、休学、复学、学籍延期等异动事务,目前已测试完毕并投入使用。请有异动需要的境内外留学生访问,登陆学校统一身份认证系统——服务中心——国际教育学院——留学生学籍异动模块办理。如无另行批准,学籍办公室将不再通过电子邮件处理申请。

In order to improve the efficiency of student status change application and to combine strict management with the convenience of students, the School of International Education will use “International Student Status Change” online form under the CPU identity certification system to deal with dropping out, academic suspension, resumption, academic extension, etc. for international students, on the basis of existing regulations. The system has been tested and put into use. International students in and outside China may visit and login CPU identity certification, click服务中心,国际教育学院 and then留学生学籍异动. If not otherwise approved, the Academics Office will not deal with student status change application through Email.  


For other regulations and guidelines on international student academics, please refer to the Academics section of official website of the School of International Education.


School of International Education