Notice on the arrangements for the start of the 2021 fall semester and the registration of new students

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Dear international students


In accordance with the relevant requirements of epidemic prevention and control and the actual situation of the university, the arrangements for the start of the 2021 fall semester (the first semester of the 2021-2022 academic year) and the registration of new students are notified as follows:

1. 2021年秋季学期学生返校和新生报到时间推迟到915日之后,具体返校时间及要求另行通知。全体学生及拟入学新生在未接到相关通知前,一律不得提前返校报到。无中高风险区旅行史的暑期临时外出住宿留学生建议尽早返宁等待返校。

1. In the fall semester of 2021, studentsreturn to campus and registration of new students will be postponed to after September 15. The detailed return time and requirements will be notified later. All returning students and new studentsare not allowed to return to the campus in advance before receiving the relevant notice. International students who moved outside campus temporarily during the summer vacation with no travel history to middle or high risk areas are advised to return to Nanjing as soon as possible to wait for the return to campus.

2. 非2021级学生于830日开始进行线上教学,2021级新生于96日开始进行线上教学。具体安排另行通知。

2. Non-2021 students will start online learning on August 30, and 2021 freshmen will start online learning on September 6. The specific arrangements will be notified later.

3. 境内留学生需及时关注自己的签证到期时间,提前办理签证延期手续。签证办理流程请参考。学校出具的签证介绍信仅能在南京出入境管理局使用,请离宁学生及时返宁办理签证延期手续。

3. International students who are in China should pay close attention to their visa expiration time and go through the visa extension procedures in advance. For the visa application process, please refer to The visa letter issued by the school can only be used at the Nanjing Exit and Entry Administration Bureau. Students who left Nanjing please return to Nanjing in time for visa extension procedures.

4. 境外学生请继续保持与学院及班主任联系,密切关注考务和教学相关通知。学生应注意个人防护,未经许可不得返校。

4. International students who are outside China shall continue to keep in touch with the school and class mentors, pay close attention to the examination and teaching related notices. Students shall take personal protection measures. No return to campus without permission



School of International Education

August 19, 2021