Typhoon Alarm

Publisher:张洪源Published:2021-07-26Times :10



All International Students in Nanjing:







According to the latest weather forecast July 26, 2021, Typhoon In-fa is expected to hit Nanjing city at tomorrow noon (Tuesday July 27). The Typhoon is disastrous and is very likely to bring severe wind and rain effects in the next few days. International students are requested to take the following safety measures to prevent disasters, and report to the school in time if there is any danger.

1. Stay indoors. Do not leave room unless necessary.

2. Close doors and windows, turn off water supply/electricity of bedroom and laboratory. Put personal belongings on balcony and corridor back into the room.

3. Pay attention to your steps. Try to walk on the staircase, and stay away from whirlpools or manhole covers. Do not take shelter near temporary buildings, billboards, large trees, etc., and stay away from roadside electrical boxes, blown down electric piles, wires, and dangerous buildings.

Student are also advised to go on Wecom daily report. Student off-campus shall not come back on-campus without permission. Students on-campus please pay attention to further notices from the school on gate security, express delivery, and canteen.



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