Announcement: Result of Presidential Scholarship Annual Review, Year of 2021

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According to the Administrative Measures of Presidential Scholarship Annual Review for International Students at China Pharmaceutical University, School of International Education organized the Year of 2021 Presidential Scholarship Annual Review from May to July, 2021. 257 international students are supposed to participate in this annual review, according to the first notice Apr.22, 2021. The final result is announced as follows:


一. 取消奖学金资格Termination of Scholarship Qualification


The following students failed to submit required annual review materials before the stipulated deadline. According to the Annual Review Measures, their scholarship qualification is terminated and will not be resumed.  




二. 暂停奖学金资格One-year suspension of Scholarship


The following students failed or absent for over one third of compulsory courses within the annual review term(s), or were documented for disciplinary action(s) such as warning and serious warning. According to the Annual Review Measures, their scholarship qualification will be suspended for the next Academic Year (Sep.2021-Aug.2022) and may apply for resumption in the next Annual Review if continue to study and fulfill the conditions.






For each suspension/termination, a letter of decision will be sent to student’s personal email address registered with the school. A decision is regarded as being successfully delivered after 15 days of publication of this announcement, if no reply or read receipt is received. Upon reception of the decision, if student decide not to continue study and need to apply for academic suspension or drop-out, please apply in accordance with the Universitys regulations on student status, visa and payment.  



Any objection to the decisions above, please email before Beijing Time 5PM, July 20, 2021.



According to the Administrative Measures, School of International Education reserves the right to terminate/suspend scholarship for students who violate laws or regulations after this announcement.



School of International Education

China Pharmaceutical University