Registration of International Students’ Dependents

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Registration of International Students’ Dependents, China Pharmaceutical University


第一条 邀请家属来华是学生个人行为。中国药科大学对留学生陪读家属无任何法律义务。学校开具的无异议证明不作为任何经济担保。

Article 1 Inviting family member to China is student’s personal behavior. China Pharmaceutical University is under no legal obligation to support student’s dependent. The University’s Letter of No Objection does not serve as any kind of economic assurance.


第二条 申请者必须是全日制学位生。短期交流生和进修生不适合申请陪读。

Article 2 The applicant shall be a full-time degree candidate instead of short-term visiting student or one-year language student.


第三条 无异议证明仅用于申请S1签证且只限合法配偶和孩子。申请父母陪读仅限18岁以下学生。其他以探亲为目的的亲属可凭学生在校证明申请旅游签证。

Article 3 No-objection letter is only for application of S1 visa and is only for legal spouse and children. Only students under 18 years old may apply for their parent(s). Other types of relatives, with the objective of visiting, may apply for short-term L visa with student’s Letter of Attendance.


第四条 家属名额:配偶仅限一名,孩子限两名或以下。

Article 4 Quota: student may apply for: up to one spouse, up to two children.


第五条 财产审核标准:申请S1签证及居留许可的,学生须出具本人名下不少于六个月的银联银行存款证明及经中国大使馆认证过的其他收入证明,须折算成人民币,存款加收入金额不得低于每名家属每月2000元人民币。

Article 5 Criteria for Financial Review: For the application of S1 visa/Residence Permit, student must provide bank balance for no less than 6 months under student’s name, and other source of income (authorized by Chinese Embassy), must convert to RMB unit: Yuan/month. For a successful application, the bank saving plus income shall not be less than RMB 2000 Yuan per dependent per month.


第六条 家属申请签证/居留许可长度不超过学生在华签证/居留许可长度。

Article 6 The dependents’ Visa/Residence Permit shall not exceed the student’s Visa/Residence Permit.


第七条 如学生提供的材料显示其无法兼顾照看家属和学业,或其经济能力不足以支付家属在华的所有费用,学校将拒绝开具无异议证明。

Article 7 If the supporting materials suggest the student is incapable to balance caretaking and coursework, or the student cannot pay for the dependent’s expenses in China, the University will not issue the Letter of No Objection.


第八条 如学生家属未经我校出具无异议证明而获取在华签证的,学校原则上不予办理居留许可。

Article 8 If the dependent enters China without the University No-objection Letter, the University will not provide support for Residence Permit.


第九条 校内宿舍并不适合家庭,更不符合儿童安全需要。如有孩子,申请时须提供校外租房合同。

Article 9 On-campus dormitories are not designed to cater families or meet children’s safety requirements. If you have child(ren), student must provide off-campus housing contract in application.


第十条 所有留学生家属到校后必须到留学生招生与管理科登记,来校后24小时内持护照到派出所登记,申请居留许可前去体检中心办理健康证明。如不能按时办理,或体检不合格,由当事留学生自己负责。

Article 10 All dependents, upon arrival at university, shall register at Section of International Students. Also: register at local police for temporary residence 24 hours upon arrival, and apply for Health Certificate at Hygiene Center if apply for residence for more than 6 months. If failed to register in time, or cannot pass the health check, the student shall be fully responsible.


第十一条 留学生的家属严禁进入学校教学区域、实验室区域及施工区域。家属必须遵守学校的相关安全和管理规定。未成年家属要有成年人陪同、监护,严禁私自活动造成安全隐患。

Article 11 Spouse and children shall not enter classrooms, labs or construction fields. Within residential areas, spouse and children must observe and comply with university regulations regarding Residential Safety. Children under 18 must not be left unattended.


第十二条 学生须在国际处网站上下载、填写家属登记表,与其余补充材料一并书面提交。

Article 12 Student shall download and fill the Application for Student Dependent from website, submit the completed form and supporting materials in hard copies.


第十三条 申请材料包含但不限于:家属护照页、结婚证/出生证复印件或扫描件、中文翻译件、中国大使馆公证件、银联的银行存款证明、收入证明、外国人体检表、校外租房合同、托管协议、幼儿园或小学入学证明等。

Article 13 Supporting materials include but are not limited to: Photocopy or scan of dependents’ passport ID page/Marriage Certificate/Birth Certificate, Chinese translation of the above certificate(s), Authorization by the Chinese Embassy, UnionPay bank statements, Income Certificate, Physical Examination Form for Foreigners, Off-campus Housing Tenant Contract, Daycare or Babysitter Contract, Kindergarten/Preschool/Primary School Enrollment Certificate(s).


第十四条 本规定自发文之日起开始实施,由国际交流合作处负责解释。

Article 14 The Regulations are put into effect on the date of publish. The Office of International Exchange of Cooperation reserves all the right for the final explanation.



Office of International Exchange of Cooperation, China Pharmaceutical University