Notice on Dragon Boat Festival

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一、放假时间 Time for the holiday


The Dragon Boat Festival will last from June 12-14, a total of three days. The classes on June 14 (Monday) will be suspended.

二、假期相关要求 Requirements during the holiday

1. 学生原则上不离开南京,不得前往中高风险区。在校学生可通过刷脸出入校门,在校学生要尽量减少出校,在公共场所保持社交距离,避免到人群聚集尤其是空气流动性差的场所。如有特殊情况需离宁,应于611日上午10点前向班主任提交《2021端午节离宁申请表》,获得批准后方可离开学校/南京,外出学生不得前往中高风险区。所有假期离宁学生需于614日下午4点前提交苏康码、CPU健康码、行程码至班主任审核,并于614日晚8点前返校。

Students are not allowed to leave Nanjing in general and shall avoid middle or high risk areas. On-campus students may exit and enter the university gate by swiping face during the holiday. On-campus students should avoid unnecessary outings, keep social distancing and avoid crowds, especially places with poor ventilation.Students who need to leave Nanjing under special circumstances shall submit the “Application Form for Leaving Nanjing during the 2021 Dragon Boat Festival”(attachment 1) before 10am, June 11 to the class mentor. Only after approval can students  leave Nanjing and students shall avoid middle or high risk areas. All on-campus housing students who leave Nanjing during the holiday shall submit Sukang code, CPU health code, travel history to the class mentor before 4pm, June14 and return to campus before 8pm, June 14.

2. 住校生严禁夜不归宿。学院将抽查出入校门记录,一经发现夜不归宿者,将给予纪律处分。住校生从68日起需每晚8-9点须于H1门卫处签字,留学生辅导员助理每晚9点检查签字情况。凡未按时签字且失联的留学生,学校将关闭该生的出入校门权限。

It is strictly forbidden for on-campus housing students to stay outside overnight. The School will pay close attention to the data of gate exits and entries, and students who are found to stay outside overnight will be subject to disciplinary actions.All on campus housing students must sign at the H1 doorkeeper between 8-9pm every night from June 8, and the international student counselor assistants will check the signatures at 9pm every night. For international students who fail to sign on time and lose contact, the school will cancel the gate entrance and exit permission of the student.

3. 继续做好体温监测,每日更新“CPU健康码”。

Students should continue to do the temperature check and update “CPU Health Code” every day.

4. 假期期间遵守校内住宿管理规定,不得在留学生宿舍楼内用火和违章电器,或从事影响他人学习和休息的活动,如大声喧哗、酗酒、大声放音乐、举办聚会等。

Students on-campus shall continue to abide by the housing regulations. Do not use fire or forbidden utilities, or to disturb the neighborhood (e.g. shouting, heavy drinking, playing loud music, holding group activity in the building, etc.)




School of International Education

June 10, 2021