Notice on the violation of epidemic prevention and control regulations of an international student and the adjustment of epidemic prevention measures for international students

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To all international students



On May 28, 2021, a second-year English-taught international student majoring in International Economics and Trade went to Guangzhou, an epidemic area, without permission, and returned to campus on May 31. The student did not go through the leave formalities before leaving campus and did not report in time after returning to campus. After the school discovered the students itinerary through big data screening, the student still tried to lie and conceal the facts. The student's behavior seriously threatened the safety of the campus, ignoring the safety and health of all students and faculties as well as all the efforts in epidemic prevention. The School of International Education will impose disciplinary sanctions in accordance with the Disciplinary Action Provisions for International Students, China Pharmaceutical University (Trial)  and universitys epidemic prevention and control regulations. It is hoped that all international students will use this as a lesson and strictly abide by the universitys epidemic prevention and control regulations.



In view of the above situation, the international students epidemic prevention and control measures have been adjusted as follows:


1. 请全体境内留学生坚持每日更新“CPU健康码”,否则将影响校门通行。

All the international students who are currently in China are requested to update the “CPU Health Code” every day, otherwise it will affect the university exit and entrance.


2. 住校生严禁夜不归宿。学院将抽查出入校门记录,一经发现夜不归宿者,将给予纪律处分。住校生从68日起需每晚8-9点须于H1门卫处签字,留学生辅导员助理每晚9点检查签字情况。凡未按时签字且失联的留学生,学校将关闭该生的出入校门权限该生需向班主任提供CPU健康码、苏康码、行程码,核实无误后方可重新开放该生出入校门权限。

It is strictly forbidden for on-campus housing students to stay outside overnight. The School will pay close attention to the data of gate exits and entries, and students who are found to stay outside overnight will be subject to disciplinary actions. All on campus housing students must sign at the H1 doorkeeper between 8-9pm every night from June 8, and the international student counselor assistants will check the signatures at 9pm every night. For international students who fail to sign on time and lose contact, the school will cancel the gate entrance and exit permission of the student. The student needs to provide the CPU health code, SuKang code, and itinerary code to the class mentor, and the students access to the gate will only be reopened after verification.


3. 校外住宿留学生需每日更新CPU健康码并于68日下午4点前向班主任提供CPU健康码、苏康码、行程码并与班主任保持联系,逾期未与班主任联系的校外住宿学生将被取消出入校门权限

International students who live outside campus need to update the CPU health code everyday and provide the CPU health code, Sukang code, and itinerary code to the class mentor before 4 pm, June 8, and keep in touch with the class mentor. Off-campus residential students who have not contacted the class mentor before the deadline will be deprived of the access to the entry and exit of the campus.


4. 留学生如有特殊原因需前往其他城市,需至少提前一周向班主任提交《长假申请表》(附件1),获准后方可前往。

International students who need to go to other cities for special reasons must submit the Application Form for Long Leave (Annex 1) to the class mentor at least one week in advance, and they can only go to other cities after being approved.


5. 请留学生及时关注疫情防控信息,关注中高风险疫情地区,避免前往中高风险区。扫描下方二维码即可查询最新疫情风险等级。

International students are requested to pay attention to epidemic prevention and control information in a timely manner, pay attention to the medium and high risk areas, and avoid going there. Scan the QR code below to check the latest epidemic risk level.


For the safety and health of all the students and faculties, all international students are requested to actively cooperate with various epidemic prevention and control measures.

附近1 《长假申请表》长假申请表.doc



School of International Education

June 7, 2021