Notice on 2021 Award Ceremony of Guobang Scholarship

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The 2021 Award Ceremony of Guobang Scholarship is about to take place. During the ceremony, representatives of Guobang Pharmaceutical Group will present awards to the awardees, give academic reports, and communicate with students on-site. They will also visit Niushou Mountain together with students. The arrangements are as follows:

1. 时间:6月中旬,上午9点到下午5

    Time: 9am to 5pm, Middle of June

2. 地点:江宁校区会议中心一楼多功能厅。

    Location: Multifunctional hall on the first floor of the conference center in Jiangning Campus.

3. 参与人:境内的所有留学生均可报名参加。(境内2020年国邦奖学金获得者必须扫码报名并参加,不得无故缺席。获奖名单见通知:

    Participants:All international students in China can sign up. ( 2020 awardees of Guobang Scholarship in China must scan the code to register and participate. Unexcused absences are not allowed. For the awardee list, see the notice:

4. 活动流程 Agenda:

           (1)颁奖仪式   The award ceremony

           (2)学生汇报   Presentation of students



Themes: ·Undergraduates can introduce their country’s cultural customs, medical market overview, and drug access laws and regulations, etc.

 ·Masters and Phd candidates can introduce above topics or their current research project.

(3)交流环节 Communication and interaction session





Topics:·The impact and influence of the pandemic to the world and response measures of different countries.

·Comment on Chinese government’s anti-pandemic measures.

·Popularization of Covid-19 vaccination knowledge, such as the necessity and safety of vaccination.

·Other topics about anti-pandemic.


Regarding the presentation session: The School will select five students to participate in accordance with the registration situation, and students who pass the selection will prepare the presentation according to the notice.

          (4)牛首山参观(免费) Trip to Niushou Mountain (Free)

          (5)报名方式 Registration Method


Scan the QR code below, fill in the information and complete theregistration. The deadline for registration is 11:00am, May 16.


All students in China are warmly welcome to sign up. At the meantime, the School will will screen the applicants according to the requirements of Guobang Pharmaceutical Group Co, Ltd. Please wait for follow-up notification for the final student list.


School of International Education


May 12, 2021