Annual Review and Extension of CSC Scholarship, 2021

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According to the CSC requirements, CPU School of International Education will continue to take charge of the Annual Review for all CSC scholarship students studying at CPU. The Annual Review is a comprehensive assessment of students’ performance, including moral conduct, academic performance, classroom/lab attitude, and performance in activities. Each student is given a score (full score=100) and a descriptive comment.   

一、参评人员:I. Participants:

1. 20219月之后拟继续享受中国政府奖学金的所有境内外政府奖学金留学生,含所有20209月以来申请休学已获批或正在申请休学中的奖学金生。参评学生名单见下表。

2. 无法在20216月达到毕业要求、拟申请延期毕业的2018级博士生,须同时提交年审和延期申请材料。申请奖学金延期的博士生须通过研究生院开题报告和中期考核,且之前未申请过奖学金延期。

1. All students who anticipate to be covered by CSC full scholarship after Sep.2021 must participate in the Annual Reviewincluding all students approved for academic suspension since Sep.2020 till now, or pending approval for suspension. See the namelist below for detail.

2. PhD candidates of Class of 2018 who will extend study period after June 2021. Must have passed Thesis Proposal and Mid-term Qualification by the Graduate School, and have NEVER applied for scholarship extension before. They shall apply for extension as well as participate in the Annual Review.

2021 参评名单 Participants Namelist.xls

二、年审材料Required Documents for Annual Review

1. 中国政府奖学金年度评审(学生自评)表;Annual Review Form Page 1 Self-Assessment

2. 中国政府奖学金年度评审(学校评审)表;Annual Review Form Page 2 Supervisor Evaluation

3. 教务处C教学楼/研究生院机打或在线生成的历年成绩单。

Transcripts of all credits ever earned at CPU, printed from self-help machine (Classroom Building C) or generated by online database, from Undergraduate Affairs Office or Graduate School.

填表说明及注意事项详见说明 For details, see the instructions. 

三、延期材料Materials for Scholarship Extension

1. 中国政府奖学金年度评审(学生自评)表和中国政府奖学金年度评审(学校评审)表

Completed CSC Annual Review Form. Requirements for page 1 and 2 same as above.


CSC Extension Form Page 1 and 2 in which the supervisor must remark “Thesis Proposal and Mid-term Qualification passed, agree to extend one year or half a year”, sign, and take stamp at the academic school’s general office.

3. 请申请奖学金延期的博士生先向研究生院申请学籍延期,批准后在国际教育学院留学生学籍办公室(电话:86185052)登记备案。

PhD candidates applying for scholarship extension must firstly apply for study extension with Graduate School, and send the approved form(s) to International Student Academics Office (Tel: 86185052) to put on record; 

4. 本硕留学生不可申请奖学金延期。无法在20216月达到毕业要求不符合奖学金延期条件的学生仍与教务处/研究生院申请学籍延期,国教院备案更改学习期限,延期期间费用自理。

Bachelor’s and Master’s candidates shall not apply for extension. If cannot meet graduation requirements in June 2021 and do not meet the standard for scholarship extension, student shall firstly apply with CPU Undergraduate Affairs Office/Graduate School for study extension and put on record with School of International Education, and continue to study on self-expense.

5. 无须提供大使馆信。No need for embassy/consulate letter.

填表说明及注意事项详见说明 For details, see the instructions. 

四、材料时间及格式要求 Format Requirements for above-mentioned materials

可打印下来手填后扫描后拍照,也可用Adobe Acrobat PDF Editor编辑后保存。格式可以是PDFJPG。文件<1M。不得PS修图或未经允许使用导师签名。任何形式的弄虚作假将直接导致年审不合格。Student may print out the form and fill in ink, then take a scan copy or clear photo. May also use Adobe Acrobat or PDF Editor to put in text and save. Format limited to PDF and JPG. Each photo size small than 1M. No Photoshop or any kind of unauthorized use of supervisor signature. Any kind of falsification will lead to the failure of Annual Review.


Email the clear scan copies of above documents to Ms. Liu by before the deadline Apr.30, 2021. Must title the email with CSC No.+ Chinese Name. Incomplete forms or late submission will NOT be accepted.

五、评审结果通报Announcement of results


CSC will announce the results for Annual Review and extension in Aug.2021.

Those who fail to pass the Annual Review, including those who fail to submit Annual Review forms before the time limit, will not only stop receiving monthly stipend from Sep.2021 to Aug.2022, but also shall pay the 2021-2022 academic year’s tuition, accommodation and insurance on their own expense. 


年审表填表说明及成绩单示例 Instructions for CSC Annual Review Forms and Transcripts

表格下载 Downloadable Forms




April 6, 2021