The 2nd International Student’s Psychological Salon held by School of International Education

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国际教育学院举办第二届留学生心理沙龙之“Hi Friends

331日下午,国际教育学院联合心理发展中心在江宁校区体育馆举办第二届留学生心理沙龙之Hi Friends”。国际教育学院副院长朱志龙、学院相关负责老师及60余名中外学生参加了此次沙龙。

On the afternoon of March 31, School of International Education, together with Psychological Development Center held the 2nd International Student’s Psychological Salon with the theme of “Hi Friends” in the gymnasium of Jiangning campus of China Pharmaceutical University. Mr. Zhu Zhilong, vice dean of School of International Education, relevant teachers and more than 60 International and Chinese students participated in this salon.


The Psychological Salon for International students this time is different from traditional psychological health lectures. The ice-breaking session was specially set up, such as name relay, uniting in spirit and action, turn-over of centipede, ironman triathlon, etc. The colorful warm-up activities alleviated the strangeness between International and Chinese students, and made them get more familiar with each other. The gymnasium was full of laughter.


After the game session, on behalf of School of International Education, Mr. Zhu Zhilong expressed his gratitude to all the students for their understanding and support of university's epidemic prevention and control work. He also encouraged them to pay attention to their psychological health, and to face their lives positively. Finally, he suggested that all the students should go out of the dormitory to make friends bravely so as to release their pressure.


After that, all the students sat down on the ground with teachers, formed a circle and spoke freely. They had a frank exchange on the common problems and puzzles appeared in their study and life. Finally, Ms Zhang, a teacher of School of International Education, explained in detail the four ways to overcome anxiety with vivid examples, which benefited all the students a lot.

第二届留学生心理沙龙之“Hi Friends在一片欢声笑语中落下帷幕,通过此次沙龙,留学生们进一步认识到心理健康的重要性,轻松愉快的活动氛围让留学生们充分打开心扉、排解压力,有助于保持更加积极向上的心态而专业的心理健康知识帮助留学生们更好地排解压力,克服焦虑,拥有快乐人生。

The Second International Student's Psychological Salon of “Hi Friends” came to an end with laughter. Through this salon, International students further realized the significance of psychological health. The relaxing and pleasant atmosphere of this activity made all the students fully express their feelings. This activity succeeded in helping them maintain a more positive attitude toward their lives. Moreover, professional psychological health knowledge from teachers also helped International students better relieve stress, overcome anxiety, and lead a happy life.


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Speech from Mr. Zhu ZhilongVice Dean of School of International Education 


Ironman Triathlon


Uniting in Spirit and Action