New Year’s Holiday Notice and Safety Reminder

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International Students,


The 2021 New Year’s holiday will last from January 1st to 3rd, three days. CPU requires that all students on-campus:

1.    继续做好体温监测,每日更新“cpu健康码

Pay close attention to your own health status and update “CPU Health Code”in Wechat Work every day.

2.     假期期间尽量减少出校未事先请长假且获批准者不得离开南京。学生每晚6-10点在宿舍楼门卫处签到,禁止夜不归宿。学院将抽查出入校门记录,一经发现夜不归宿者,将给予纪律处分。

Avoid unnecessary outings during the holiday. Students are forbidden to leave Nanjing unless long-leave application was approved in advance. Students living on-campus are required to sign at residence hall's security every 6-10PM and must not stay off-campus during the night. The School will pay close attention to the data of gate exits and entries, and students who are found to stay outside overnight will be subject to disciplinary actions.

3.    近期天气寒冷,外出留意路面湿滑、结冰情况,确保出行安全在公共场所、乘坐公交/出租时全程佩戴口罩,保持社交距离,避免到人群聚集、空气流动性差场所。勤洗手,做好个人防护。

Recently, roads tend to freeze and be slippery. Pay attention to road traffic and do not walk or ride inattentively. Wear a mask in public areas and when taking a bus/taxi. Keep social distancing and avoid activities in crowded, poorly-aerated indoors. Wash hands frequently and do necessary self-protection.

4. 继续遵守校内宿舍管理规定,严禁在宿舍违章使用大功率电器及明火,严禁将易燃、易爆及毒害物品带入宿舍严禁酗酒及大声喧哗。离开宿舍时,及时切断电源,消除火灾隐患

Students must continue to abide by the regulations of on-campus residence, and are forbidden to use all forms of fire, heaters, alcohol, flammables, explosives, poisonous substances in residence halls, or make noises to disturb the neighborhood. Before leaving the bedroom, shut the electricity to avoid fire accidents.


The School wishes all students happy and healthy in the new year of 2021 and make academic progress!


School of International Education