Notice: Apply for 2020 Guobang Scholarship

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To fund excellent international students to undertake full-time degree studies at China Pharmaceutical University, CPU now starts the 2020-2021 Academic Year Guobang Scholarship application in accordance with the agreement between CPU and the enterprise. The detailed notice is as follows:

一、奖学金标准及名额 Criteria and Quota

类别Student category

标准Criteria (RMB)


优秀硕博Outstanding  Postgraduate Student



优秀本科 Outstanding Undergraduate Student



杰出单项(不分硕博) Special Contribution (all degree types)



二、奖学金申请条件 Qualifications

1. CSC和江苏全额奖学金生可以参加评选。已获得2020年江苏省优秀奖学金的同学不能参加评选。

Application is open to self-funded students, CSC Scholarship and Jiangsu Fullscholarship holders, but awardees of 2020 Jiangsu Outstanding Scholarship cannot apply.

2. 2020年已递交过江苏优秀奖学金申请、已被公示接收但落选的学生不必再次申请,将自动计入国邦报名名单,并根据各奖项具体要求推荐答辩。

Students whose application for the 2020 Jiangsu Outstanding Scholarship have been accepted (as publicly announced but didnt win the award dont have to file a new application. Their materials will roll into Guobang Application, and the category for interview will be decided upon their qualifications.

3. 正常在校注册学习的二年级及以上外国学历生,并且未申请过休学、保留学籍或延长学制;第一年学历生和汉补生不能参加奖学金的评选。

Full-time degree candidates second-year or above enrolled at China Pharmaceutical University, and have not applied for academic suspension, extension or retention. The application is not applicable to all first-year degree candidates and Chineselanguage students.

4. 遵守中国政府的法律、法规和校规、校纪。因违反中国法律法规或校纪校规受过处分者(包括但不仅限于考试违纪、签证过期)不能参加奖学金的评选。

Students shall abide by the laws and decrees of the Chinese government and the rules of the university. Students who ever violated Chinese laws or university regulations (including but unlimited to: visa expiration, violation of exam rules, etc.) shall not participate in the scholarship application.

5. 学习态度端正,勤奋刻苦,上一年度(2019-2020)学习成绩优秀。有任何科目不及格或缺考(包括重修)的请勿参加评选。

Students shall have positive learning attitude, work hard, and have excellent academic result in the previous academic years (2019-2020) achievement. Students with any failed or absent courses (including retaken courses) shall not participate in the scholarship application.

三、各奖项具体要求Special requirements of each award

A. 优秀硕博建议在中国或国际核心、权威刊物上以第一或第二作者发表过论文者申请。

Outstanding Masters and Ph.D. candidates award prefers publication as the first or second author in Chinese or international core journal.

B. 优秀本科生看总成绩均分和排名。

Outstanding bachelors award prefers students with top-ranked average score.

C. 杰出单项建议是班长/班代表、抗疫志愿者及活动中有突出贡献者,本硕博不限。

Special contribution award prefers class monitors, class representatives, epidemic control volunteers and those who contributed in administration and activities, open to bachelors, Masters and Ph.D. candidates.

三、申请材料 Application Documents

1. “国邦奖学金”申请表(请从国际教育学院网站表格区下载;

2. 上一学年的成绩单、已发表的文章及科研成果;

3. (仅申请优秀硕博需要)至少一封导师推荐信;

4. 提供最近一年内在学术、体育、艺术、文化交流、公益活动等某一方面表现突出、成绩优秀的证明文件。

1. Application Form of Guobang Scholarship (to be downloaded from

2Academic result of Academic Year 2019-2020, publications (first page) or patent.

3. At least one recommendation letter from supervisor (for outstanding Master’s or Ph.D. only).

4. Certificate of Academic Year 2019-2020 for remarkable achievement in academics, sports, arts, cultural exchanges or public activities.


All materials shall be scanned into one PDF file and emailed to as attachment.

四、申请截止日期Deadline of Application


5PM Dec.27, 2020


The time for the defense, announcement and issuance will otherwise be notified.

五、联系人 Contacts

刘老师 Ms. Liu

报名邮箱Email for


中国药科大学 国际教育学院

School of International Education