Notice on further strengthening the management of university gate exit & entrance during the normalization of epidemic prevention and control

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Notice on further strengthening the management of university gate exit & entrance during the normalization of epidemic prevention and control


Starting from the date of the issuance of this notice, according to the Announcement on Epidemic Prevention and Control of China Pharmaceutical University and Article 13(7) of the Regulations on Student Discipline Management of China Pharmaceutical University (Trial [2017] 143) “ Other acts that endanger public safety of the campus and do not yet meet the standard for dismissal, warning and above disciplinary action shall be taken according to the nature and seriousness of the act”, students who privately lend campus cards to outsiders and perform facial recognition for outsiders to enter or exit the campus will be given the punishment of warning.


The university will fully implement the relevant measures for students facial recognition to enter and exit the campus. Students who are currently on campus shall add facial recognition photos through the WeChat Work APP of China Pharmaceutical University. The specific operation instructions are as follows.



School of International Education

November 19, 2020




Instructions for adding facial recognition photos to the WeChat Work APP of China Pharmaceutical University

1. 在手机应用商城搜索下载“企业微信”App,成功加入中国药科大学。加入中国药科大学方法详细请参照图书与信息中心网站通知说明。

Search and download the "WeChat work" App in the app stores, and join China Pharmaceutical University. For details on how to join China Pharmaceutical University, please refer to the notice on the website of the Library and Information Center


Download WeChat Work App and bind the account with China Pharmaceutical University

2. 新增照片。进入【工作台】中的【人脸识别】,页面显示人像未上传时,点击头像上传一张纯色背景下(如白墙)的近期五官清晰的正面照,上传成功即可正常人脸识别通行。如已经有头像,则无需重新上传。Upload photos. Enter [Face Recognition] in [Workbench], when the page shows that the head portrait has not been uploaded, click on the circle to upload a recent frontal photo with clear facial features under a solid color background (such as a white wall). When the photo is uploaded successfully, you can enter and exit the university. If your photo is already in WeChat Work App, you don’t need to upload again.


Upload the facial recognition photo in to wechat work

3. 更换照片。如进入【工作台】中的【人脸识别】,页面显示人像已上传,人脸识别通行存在问题需要更换人脸照片,请携带有效证件(身份证、学生证或校园卡)到图书馆七楼704信息信用部撤销更换。

To change photos. If you enter [Face Recognition] in [Workbench], the page shows that the portrait has been uploaded, but the face recognition fails when enter or exit the university gate, please bring your valid ID (ID, student ID or campus card) to the Information Credit Department 704 on the 7th floor of the library to change the photos.