Bringing Your Family

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Who Can Stay With You? 

A dependant is either:

1. Your husband, wife or legal spouse<=1 person with marriage certificate

2. Your child under 18 years old with birth certificate


China Pharmaceutical University DOES NOT suggest bringing children to live on-campus because our dormitories are not specifically designed to meet children's safety requirements.  Students bringing children to China or having children in China must sign a Safety Agreement留学生带家属进校安全管理协议书.docx  


China Pharmaceutical University DOES NOT provide immigration or housing support for:

1. Parents

2. Fiancé

3. Brothers/sisters

4. Other types of relatives 

5. Legal spouse who are currently working or studying in other institutions in China  


You can apply to bring a dependant family member to China if you are:

1.On degree program that lasts 24 months or more
2.CSC Scholarship Student


Where your family can apply and Which type of Visa they can apply?

Applying from Overseas: Your family shall apply for L (travel, <1 month), S1 (>=180 days) or S2 (<180 days) visa with the Chinese Embassy

Applying in China:If your family is already in China, they shall apply for S2 (<180 days) or Residence Permit (>=180 days) with Visa Center of Public Security Bureau


For How Long Your Family Can Stay?

You (the student) is the main visa holder.

Your family's visa cannot exceed the main visa holder's expiration date.   


Supporting Materials to require a Letter of No Objection (for the application of S1 Visa):

1. Proof of adequate financial support (no less than 2000 Yuan/month/person)

2. A photocopy/scan copy of marriage/birth certificate

3. A Chinese translation of marriage/birth certificate

4. Authorization of the marriage/birth certificate by the Chinese embassy in your country

5. Dependent's passport page

Please send the scan copy of those materials