How to apply

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Application process (step by step)

1. Find the most suitable program for you.

Research your favorable programs by checking the information online.  

English-taught Degree Programs:

Chinese-taught Degree Programs

Non-degree Programs:

2. Check admission requirements. 

Make sure you are aware of entry requirements for the University and confirm you meet all the entry requirements including Chinese/English language, academic entry.

Admission requirements:

3. Apply online

Online application is the secure and streamlined service offering step by step instructions to guide you through the application process. You can apply for your program, save your application and return to continue the process, and track the progress of your application. Please confirm all the information and your application cannot be edited once submitted.

Application Platform:

Please prepare the documents listed below before you start online application.

  1. Passport-sized photo (soft copy)

  2. Passport (personal details page)

  3. Certified /notarized copies of academic transcripts

  4. Certified /notarized copies of graduation/degree certificate

  5. Chinese Language test report (HSK) if applicable (for programs in the medium of Chinese language)

  6. English language test score report e.g. IELTS or TOEFL (for programs in the medium of English language)

  7. Study and research plan (master and PhD candidate only)

  8. Published academic papers or other academic achievements if applicable (master and PhD candidate only)

  9. Two references (master and PhD candidate only)

  10. Completed Foreigner Physical Examination Form

  11. Non-criminal record

  12. Financial statement

4. Application assessment

The Admission Office will acknowledge receipt of your application. You should be notified of the outcome of your application within two weeks. If you are eligible for your chosen program, Pre-acceptance letter will be sent to you via email. If you are not eligible, we may suggest an alternative program.

5. Pre-acceptance letter

After receiving the pre-acceptance letter, you will need to:

Confirm information

Check the personal information on the letter carefully and make sure all are correct;

Make your first-year tuition payment and insurance and forward the bank receipt.

Make payment

The commitment fee, quoted in Chinese RMB must be paid along with the insurance fee. The insurance is a compulsory medical insurance required by Chinese government to all students Visa holders. Please make the payment as per the pre-acceptance letter and upload the bank notification of remittance to the online application system. Student must finish the tuition fee on time to get registered. NO FEES SHALL BE REFUNDED IF YOU FAIL TO GET REGISTERED.

6. Admission notice and JW202 form (visa application form)

Once your personal information and payment is confirmed, an admission notice and a JW202 form will be issued to you by the university which you can use to apply for a student visa for entry into China. We encourage you to apply for you student visa as soon as you receive the two documents. A pre-arrival guidance will also be forwarded to you with the above two documents.

7. Prepare for arrival

Arrive and get registered on time  it is important you arrive on time to start your program with the welcoming/orientation week, as this provides you with vital information and the best possible start to your study and living at the university. You are supposed to notify the Admission Office beforehand if you are unable to arrive by the commencement date.


The Deadline for application is July 15.