The 2020 China Pharmaceutical University Sports Meeting - International Students

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The 2020 China Pharmaceutical University Sports Meeting was held successfully from October 30-31. Not only the Chinese students, but also the international students from more than 60 countries around the world participated in the sports meeting. All the participants strove for success on the field and made outstanding achievements.


At 8 am, October 30, the opening ceremony of the sports meeting officially began. Consisting of nearly 80 international students, the parade of School of International Education was particularly eye-catching on the playground. They represented more than 500 students from over 60 countries, including Pakistan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Kazakhstan, Ghana, Sudan, Nigeria and so on. Dressed up in traditional costumes and holding colorful national flags, the students marched orderly in high spirits, displayed their own cultures and characteristics. With bright and jolly rhythm, they gave the cheerful performance of traditional African drums. Accompanied by the latest popular music, they presented the fashionable and handsome dance steps in front of all the teachers and students, expressing the international students love for China and highlighting the vigorous development of international education of CPU. In spite of the epidemic situation, the international students maintained an orderly life as usual without any slackening in physical exercises. Though they come from all over the world, they are now gathering together in CPU, forming an orderly team, and expressing their love for China, for CPU, especially during the epidemic prevention and contro period!


The opening ceremony was followed by various exciting competitions. International students not only actively took part in individual competitions such as 100m races, 800m races, 1500m races, long jump and shot put, but also participated in 4*100m, 8* 50m, long jump rope and invincible hot wheel and other team games this year. They actively signed up and used their spare time for hard training, which laid a solid foundation for their excellent performance. In the sports meeting, athletes from all over the world performed extraordinarily well, galloping on the track like arrows leaving the string. Students from all over the world gathered here and provided countless wonderful games for us, which not only strengthened students’ physical wellness but also improved international communications.


Through diligent training and gallant performances in the competitions, the School of International Education won the Best Organization Award, ranked the thirdand sixth place in the total score for mens games and groupgames respectively. Athletes from all over the world showed their style in the sports meeting, demonstrating not only the inclusiveness and openness of CPU, but also the vigorous development of the international education of CPU.

The parade of School of International Education

Dancing of the parade

Performance of African drums

Relay race

100m race

Shot put

Long jump

Long-distance race

Jump rope

Invincible hot wheels

Group photo