Notice on University Gate Exit& Entrance

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On-campus students may exit & enter the university gate without application by swiping face or campus card. It is strictly forbidden to stay overnight without approval or borrow the campus card to others. Once discovered, it shall be dealt with strictly in accordance with relevant regulations of epidemic prevention and control as well as university rules.


Class representatives shall check the dorms from 21:00 to 22:00 every night. Allon-campus students must cooperate with the class representativesfor the dorm check and will not be allowed to exit the university afterwards. It is strictly forbidden to stay overnight without approval. The School will check the dorm check results as well as entrance & exit records every day. Anyone staying outside overnight without approval will be denied access to exit and disciplinary actions will be given (will influence scholarship review).


In principle, all students are not allowed to leave Nanjing. Students who need to leave Nanjing in case of emergency shall ask for leave from the class mentor. Approval from the school leader is required for long leave(≥3 days). Students who leave Nanjing must apply for returning to campus with their class mentor 3 days in advance and provide a negative nucleic acid test report (at the students own expense). Students who leave Nanjing can return to campus only after they meet the requirements.


Students shall adhere to the three principles of not going outside campus unnecessarily, wearing masks in public places and avoid crowds, and take personal protections when going out. At the same time, students should avoid gatherings and reduce contact with people from abroad or people from other places outside Nanjing.


This university gate Exit & Entrance policy will be implemented from October 14th.


The university gate Exit & Entrance policywill be adjusted in accordancewith the epidemic prevention and control situation.



School of International Education

October 14, 2020