Notice on the resumption of offline teaching and further teaching arrangements for international students

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2)非应届毕业生如因特殊原因确不能按时返校的,应于531日前向留学生辅导员提出书面申请,并完成休学申请流程(2周以上 ,或长假(2周内)流程 






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Notice on the resumption of offline teaching

and further teaching arrangements for international students


To Overseas Students:

Since January 2023, China has canceled nucleic acid testing and centralized medical observation for all inbound travelers. Up to now, our school has more than 100 international students successfully entered the country and returned to school. According to the regulations of China Scholarship Council and relevant work arrangements of the university, all overseas students should return to school before August 31, 2023, in principle. To maintain the normal teaching order and guarantee the teaching quality, the School of International Education has informed the teaching work of international students after 2023-2024 as follows:

I. Teaching arrangement

Starting from the 2023-2024 academic year (from September 2023), all undergraduate and postgraduate courses, including lectures, experimental courses, practical courses and physical education courses, will no longer be offered online or/and hold online examinations.

II. Returning Requirements & Exceptions

(1) All overseas students should return to campus before August 31, 2023. Returning students are required to keep in close contact with their counselors and inform them of their return time and flight information as soon as possible. For materials required for return to school, please contact Ms Jin from Admission and Student Management Office.

(2) If the students who are not graduating in 2023 cannot return to school on time due to special reasons, they should submit a written application to their counselor before May 31, and submit suspension application (more than 2 weeks) 

or holiday application (within 2 weeks) 

(3) If the graduating students of 2023 cannot return to school due to personal reasons, after confirming with the professional college that they can complete the relevant courses, graduation thesis, graduation formalities and other tasks online, they must submit the signed study commitment letter (Attachment) to their counselors before March 31.

(4) If overseas completed undergraduate students who cannot pass all exam and obtain their degree online before September 2023, they must enter China to take offline study or examination after September 2023.


Academic Affairs and Graduation:

Mr. Shao,Tel: 025-86185052, Email:

Returning materials & School Leaving:

Ms. Jin, Tel: 025-86185426, Email:


Academic Affairs Office

School of International Education

March 18, 2023


Attachment: Commitment Letter:Study Online in 2022-2023-2 semester2023 Graduating students only)

Commitment Letter:Study Online in 2022-2023-2 semester.docx