1. 受疫情影响,境外学生何时可以返校,具体有哪些要求?

1. Due to the pandemic, when can international students who are currently outside China return to campus and what are the specific requirements? 

At present, the pandemic is still raging around the whole world, all countries have relevant restrictions on the entry of people. CPU provided online courses for students abroad immediately so as to ensure that the online learning is not affected. Besides, CPU has been actively consulting the higher-level departments about the relevant policies, and any updated information about returning to campus will be notified to students as soon as possible. Please wait patiently, and the university also eagerly hopes that you can return to CPU as soon as possible.

2. 受疫情影响,境外线上授课的学生是否可以享受学费减免等等?

2. Affected by the epidemic, can students who take online courses have tuition reduction, etc.? 

No. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, in order to ensure the smooth development of teaching work, the university has carried out active planning and coordination. While ensuring offline courses, teachers have also made great efforts to build online courses, and students have also actively cooperated. We hope that the students can continue to actively participate in online courses as always, complete their homework on time, and cooperate with the teacher’s teaching work.

3. 学生毕业后,学校能否继续为学生办理签证延期?

3. Will there be any immigration support issued by CPU for international students after graduation? 

根据《中国药科大学外国留学生签证及居留相关规定》第十条“学生正常毕业/结业,国际教育学院不再给予签证延期”。留学生如有特殊情况,请至少提前30天发送邮件至zqy@cpu.edu.cn说明情况,国际教育学院会根据实际情况酌情处理。According to Article 10 of the “Regulations on Visa and Residence Permit for International Students, China Pharmaceutical University”, “After graduation/completion of program, no Letter of Immigration will be provided by School of International Education.” If international students are in special circumstances, please send an email to zqy@cpu.edu.cn at least 30 days in advance to explain the situation, and the School of International Education will deal with it according to the actual situation.


The full text of “Regulations on Visa and Residence Permit for International Students, China Pharmaceutical University”:


4. 护照即将到期,如何申请新护照?

4. If the passport is about to expire, how to apply for a new passport?


Step 1: Contact the embassy or consulate at least 3 months in advance to apply for the new passport.


Step 2: Check with the embassy or consulate whether you need to go there in person to complete the relevant procedures, and whether they can directly send the new passport by mail to you.

第三步:如需要本人至使领馆办理相关手续,请至少提前一周向班主任提交《长假申请表》,获批后方可前往使领馆。《长假申请表》请见附件二Downloadable Forms

Step 3: If you need to go through the relevant procedures at the embassy or consulate, please submit the “Application for Long-leave” to class mentor one week in advance, and you can go to the embassy or consulate after approval. Please see Annex 2 for “Application for Long-leave.doc”.



Step 4: Before returning to campus, the Su-Kang code, CPU health code, and 14-day travel history code must be submitted to the class mentor for review. Students can only return to campus after approval.

第五步:拿到新护照后需第一时间将新护照页(jpg格式,≤1.5M)发送至1720210036@cpu.edu.cn 备案。

Step 5: Send the new passport page (JPG format, within 1.5M) to v for record as soon as you get the new passport.


Step 6: The School of International Education will issue a visa letter, and the student will apply for a new residence permit at the visa center.


Step 7: Students should send the new visa page (JPG format, within 1.5M) to 1720210036@cpu.edu.cn for filing as soon as they get the new visa.


5. What should I do if I lose my passport?


Step 1: Report the loss of passport to the School of International Education (email: 1720210036@cpu.edu.cn, office phone: 025-86185426), and receive the “Passport Lost Certificate”from school.


Step 2: International students take the “Passport Loss Certificate” issued by school to the local police station to report the case and obtain the “Police Certificate”.


Step 3: International students need to bring the“Police Certificate” to the visa center and get the “Loss of Passport Certificate”.


Step 4: International students need to apply for a new passport from the embassy or consulate with the“Loss of Passport Certificate”issued by the visa center.


Step 5: After getting the new passport, you need to send the new passport page (jpg format, within 1.5M) to zqy@cpu.edu.cn for the record as soon as possible.


Step 6: The School of International Education will issue a visa letter, and the student will apply for a new residence permit at the visa center.


Step 7: The student will have to send the new visa page (jpg format, within 1.5M) to zqy@cpu.edu.cn for the record as soon as he or she gets the new visa.


6. During the pandemic, can international students in China go to other cities?


According to the university’s epidemic prevention policy, in principle, international students are not allowed to travel to other cities. If you want to know whether international students can travel to other cities during the holidays, please follow the official notice of the holidays. If there are special circumstances, please contact your class mentor to complete the relevant application in advance.


7.How to apply for a visa extension and what is the specific process for it?


Step 1: Clear your payments including tuition, accommodation and insurance and email Ms Liu (1020082073@cpu.edu.cn) for confirmation. CSC students only need to confirm the insurance.


Step 2: Please send the photo of your passport information page, latest visa page, latest entry stamp page to Ms. Fu’s email, 1720210036@cpu.edu.cn. All the photos shall be within 1.5M in jpg or jpeg format. Please be aware that the email shall be entitled with your Chinese name + student ID + payment completed. Ms. Zhang will issue the visa extension letter accordingly, leave it with H1 doorkeeper and inform you afterwards. Please be aware that only after clearing all your payments can you send the email (CSC students please send the mail after confirming the insurance).


Step 3: Go to the visa center for visa extension. If everything goes smoothly, you will get the receipt from the visa center, which shall be kept carefully as a temporary ID. Please make sure that you bring all the required materials to the visa center, including passport, visa extension letter issued by school, temporary residence registration form (done through wechat, soft/hard copy), white background 2-inch photo(if you have), visa fees, JW yellow form*, health certificate*, admission notice*(*for new students only) etc.


Step 4: Go to the visa center to take your passport back according to the collection date on your receipt.  

第五步:将新签证页面(≤ 1.5Mjpgjpeg格式)发送至张老师的邮箱zqy@cpu.edu.cn,完成整个流程。

Step 5: Send your new visa page (within 1.5M in jpg or jpeg format) to Ms. Fu’s email, 1720210036@cpu.edu.cn to complete the whole process.

8. 如何申请搬至校外住宿?

8.How to move off-campus


Please refer to Regulations of Off-campus Residence for International Students, China Pharmaceutical University.

规定Regulations http://international.cpu.edu.cn/f2/63/c403a127587/page.htm  

申请表格Application Forms http://international.cpu.edu.cn/f2/63/c403a127587/page.htm

9. 如何购买并查询保险具体信息?

9.How to purchase and make a claim of medical insurance


All detailed procedures and links


10. 校内住宿学生是否可以申请调换宿舍,具体流程是什么?

10. Can on-campus students apply for dormitory exchange? What is the specific process?


Student shall submit written application to administrative staff for approval, and technically the application is only available during the first week of an academic year.  

规定 Regulations http://international.cpu.edu.cn/3a/78/c403a14968/page.htm

申请表格Application Formshttp://international.cpu.edu.cn/f2/63/c403a127587/page.htm


11.How to apply for the refund


Tuition is not refunded to students who drop out, automatically withdraw or are dismissed for violating laws and regulations. Accommodation fee can be refunded since the next month of successful checking-out.

Final-year students may apply for refund after checking out from campus.

Non-final year students may apply for refund only after dropping-out application approved.

规定Regulations http://international.cpu.edu.cn/85/0d/c403a99597/page.htm  

指南 Instructions http://international.cpu.edu.cn/20/ba/c430a139450/page.htm

12. 各类奖学金的评审时间及发放时间?

12.Annual Review of all kinds of scholarships and issuance


Currently, CPU Annual Review include Chinese Governmental Scholarship (full or partial) and CPU Presidential Scholarship. The time for annual review is generally Apr.-May every year with little variation.   


Jiangsu,Nanjing, Jiangsu, Guobang and other one-time awardscholarship are applied each year according to provider’s detailed notice. There is no annual review for these one-time awards.  


All issuance of governmental scholarships are limited to those inside China. One-time awards are issued after governmental funding is accepted by CPU. Living allowance of Chinese Governmental Scholarship is issued 1-10th each month and not in advance.  

*所有学工相关表格均在以下网页下载 All forms mentioned above downloadable from official website http://international.cpu.edu.cn/380/list.htm


13. How to make an appointment for psychological consultation?

具体预约教程请见Online Appointment for Psychological Counseling 


14. What activities for international students are held by the school, where can I find information about these activities, and how do I participate?


The school organizes a series of interesting activities for international students every year, including the cultural festival, academic forum, sports meeting, psychological salon, cultural experience activities, graduation party and so on. The event information will be promptly published on the school website (http://international.cpu.edu.cn/) and WeChat public account. Students can pay attention to them and sign up accordingly.


QR code of WeChat public account:


15. Does the university provide genuine Microsoft software for students?  

是。具体教程请见: How to Access Microsoft Copyrighted Software http://international.cpu.edu.cn/3c/30/c377a146480/page.htm