Confirming Remittance Online

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Must use a computer instead of phone.  


Full-time student in- or outside China must bind Wecom with CPU identity (10-digit student ID or campus card ID).  Guidance


Incoming students (visitor) can fill the online form without CPU identify, but cannot track the application after submitting. The Financial Office will send the official E-receipt to the applicant's email box after confirmation.   

四、登陆 Login

点击“服务大厅”Click “Service Center”


Ctrl+F to find 国际教育学院 among the schools, click it to see functions available to international students, and then choose “Confirming Remittance”

按要求填写所有项目Fill in all items as required

上传银行打印的电子回单  Upload bank e-receipt (printed, no handwritten) accordingly

点击同意,并提交 Click to agree with the terms, and sign.  

点击提交Click submit

在校生可跟踪流程Students with CPU identity will be able to see the process of confirmation  

计财处最终确认后,学生可打印作为参考(注:此表不是电子发票)。After Financial Office’s final confirmation, student may print out the form for future reference. Note: The form is not a substitute for CPU's E-receipt (FaPiao).  

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