Urgent Notices on Recent Epidemic Prevention & Control

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CPU’s recent policies on epidemic prevention & control are notified as follows, according to the relevant requirements in Nanjing and Jiangning District,


All faculty members, staffs and students who have travelled to Suzhou since 19th November, or to Xuzhou since 21st November, or to Shanghai Pudong New Area or Qingpu District since 10th November, or to Hangzhou since 22nd November, or contact with people mentioned above, please report immediately to your class mentor, and cooperate with our epidemic prevention and control measures. Those who conceal or falsely report their personal formation or health status and cause adverse consequences shall be investigated for legal responsibility.


Students on-campus are not allowed to leave campus unless necessary. All faculty members, staffs and students are not allowed to leave Nanjing unless necessary. Students who need to leave Nanjing under very special circumstances must report to the School of International Education in advance by submitting an application form for leaving Nanjing to the class mentor.


All students shall update their “Jiangsu Health Code” and “Travel Code” and send screenshots to your class mentor by 3:00 PM today (November 26).


International students are requested to pay attention to epidemic prevention and control information in a timely manner, pay attention to the medium and high-risk areas, and avoid going there. Do not contact with people from middle or high-risk areas. Scan the QR code below to check the latest epidemic risk level.



Please continue to strictly abide by the school’s and university’s holiday epidemic prevention and control requirements, see http://international.cpu.edu.cn/4f/2e/c399a151342/page.htm

for details.

The above notifications can be updated at any time based on the development of the epidemic situation and notifications from the university leadership.


School of International Education