Notice on Safety Inspection of International Students' Dormitories in Winter of 2023-2024 Academic Year

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International Students


According to the requirements of Notice on Fire Prevention and Control in Winter and Spring (China Pharmaceutical University Security Office [2023] No.236), In order to do student dormitory safety education and management, and further eliminate all kinds of security risks in the student dormitory, to create a good atmosphere for learning and living, it is decided to carry out a safety inspection of the student dormitory, the relevant matters are notified as follows:

一、检查时间 Inspection Time

1227日上午930, 国际教育学院领导带队,辅导员和物业工作人员一同对学生社区进行全面检查,检查学生宿舍安全情况,对发现的问题进行现场整改。

At 9:30 a.m. on December 27, leaders of the School of International Education led the team, counselors and property management staff together to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the student dormitory, check the safety of the student dormitory, and carry out on-site rectification of the problems found.

二、检查内容Inspection Contents


Whether illegal electrical appliances such as electric blankets, heaters, electric cups, rice cookers and induction cookers and low-quality electrical appliances without 3C certification are used or stored in the dormitories;


Whether there is any phenomenon such as connecting electric wires privately and charging electric vehicles in the community;


whether open-flame appliances (alcohol stoves, gas stoves, candles, etc.) are used or stored in the dormitory, and whether there are flammable and explosive products (alcohol, petrol, gas canisters, gas canisters, etc.), controlling knives and other dangerous items;


Whether there is accumulation and storage of various flammable items such as beverage bottles indoors and on the balcony;


 Whether there is the phenomenon of transferring beds, staying with other people and other potential safety hazards.

三、宿舍电器使用标准Standards for Electrical Appliance Use in Dormitory


The following standards are created to define prohibited utilities, prevent fire safety hazards, to maintain a good learning and living environment, and to ensure the safety of life and property of students. According to Standards for Electrical Appliance Use in Dormitory (University Security Office [2013] No.2), other than electrical appliances equipped by the university, students are allowed to use the following appliances:


Cold-light table lamp (e.g. LED). Incandescent lamp power shall not exceeding 25W


Charger (output voltage below 12V, not allowed to use on or near the bed)


Breeze fan (power 15W or less)


Low-power hair dryer (power 500W or less)


Personal Computer


 Washing machine


Air conditioner


Appliances with no Chinese logo, no manufacturer name and no brand (the “three-no” products) are regarded as poor quality products or home-made equipment and are prohibited.

Other than electrical appliances equipped by the university and the above-mentioned 7 categories, all other electrical appliances are prohibited, and shall be put in custody by the Property Management Office until student graduate.



School of International Education

26th December, 2023