Newsletter: Enhancing Traffic Safety and Legal Awareness

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Dear International Students:


Recently, there have been several traffic accidents involving international students. In order to ensure the safety and health of all students, we would like to emphasize the rules about riding motorbikes and electric bikes in China, and hope that all students will pay attention to this and strengthen your study of Chinese traffic laws and regulations as well as raise your legal awareness.


First of all, please make one thing clear: you must have a Chinese driving license to ride a motorbike or car in China. Driving without a license is not only against the law, but also poses a huge risk to your life and the lives of others. According to Article 99 of the Road Traffic Safety Law of the People's Republic of China, anyone who drives a motor vehicle without a motor vehicle driver's license, or whose motor vehicle driver's license has been revoked, or while the motor vehicle driver's license has been suspended, shall be fined by the Traffic Management Department of the Public Security Bureau at a rate of 200 to 2,000 yuan, and shall be detained up to 15 days. International students who violate Chinese laws can be deported in serious cases, therefore all students must strictly abide by the law. ‘I don’t know the policy’ excuse will NOT escape yourself from punishment.


In order to protect your traffic safety, please make sure that every student who uses a motorbike or electric bike follows the following principles:

1. 申请中国驾照:如果你打算在中国骑摩托车或开车,首先必须申请中国的驾照。请咨询当地交通管理部门了解具体的申请程序和要求。

1. Apply for a Chinese driving license: If you intend to ride a motorbike or drive a car in China, you MUST first apply for a Chinese driving license. Please consult the local traffic management department for specific application procedures and requirements.

2. 遵守交通规则:无论你是骑摩托车、电动车还是开车,都必须严格遵守中国的交通规则。包括遵守红绿灯、保持适当的车距、不超速等。要时刻注意车辆周围的交通情况,并遵循交通信号。

2. Obey traffic rules: Whether you ride a motorbike, an electric bike or drive a car, you must strictly abide by China's traffic rules. This includes obeying traffic lights, keeping a proper distance between vehicles, and not speeding. Always pay attention to the traffic around your vehicle and follow traffic signals.

3. 在行驶中保持专注:不要在骑车或开车时使用手机或者进行其他会分散注意力的行为。专注于道路状况和周围的交通,确保自己和他人的安全。

3. Stay focused while driving: Do not use mobile phones or engage in other distracting behaviors while riding or driving. Focus on the road conditions and the traffic around you to ensure your safety and the safety of others.

4. 始终佩戴安全头盔:在骑行摩托车、电动车时,务必戴上符合安全标准的头盔。骑车不戴头盔也属于违反交规行为,会被罚款50-200元。头盔可以为你提供额外的保护,是确保安全的重要装备。

4. Always wear a safety helmet: Always wear a helmet that meets safety standards when riding a motorbike or electric bike. Riding without a helmet is also a violation of traffic regulations and will be fined 50-200 yuan. Helmets can provide you with extra protection and are an important piece of equipment to ensure safety.


We sincerely hope that you will always be vigilant in ensuring the safety of yourself and others in traffic. Obey traffic rules and laws, make proper use of transport, and work together to create a safer and more harmonious campus environment.



School of International Education


29th November, 2023